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Stelara - Does anyone else have good days and bad days with their PSA.?

Posted 29 Apr 2017 by Debidibdobs 0 answers

Ive only just had my first stelara jab couple of weeks ago. My skin's improving brilliantly but my aches and pains come & go?

Will Stelara interfere with pregnancy?

Posted 12 Jan 2017 by Jenie310 0 answers

I just had my first dose and my partner and I are doing iVF, has anyone had a baby while taking stelara or how long do you have to be off of it?

How long does a Stelara shot normal last? I'm trying to get it out of my system?

Posted 9 Nov 2016 by Sammy23 0 answers

I'm one my 3 shot an it really kicks me down an I get sick with headaches back pains an it's been giving me vb(yeast infections) since it's been knocking my. Immune system

Have anyone used Stelara and did not have good results from it?

Posted 8 Nov 2016 by Cathleanw 1 answer

I will be starting Stelara very soon after trying many other medications for my plaque psoriasis that was unsuccessful.

Stelara - Concerns about the side effects?

Posted 22 Oct 2016 by Sharonvp 2 answers

Concerns about the side effects I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis minus the rashs I am worried if I take this medication and for some reason have to stop maybe if I lose my insurance or whatever am I going to get the rash because I've read when people stop at the rash gets twice as bad, ...

Stelara - Does anyone out there have erythrodermic psoriasis?

Posted 26 Oct 2016 by VinceFreaney 0 answers

I have it over 100% of my body and just started Stelara. Do you know of a forum any where on the web where people with this disease can contact each other. Also where is the best clinic to handle this?

Stelara - Is there anyone here that has been on it for a couple years?

Posted 6 Jun 2016 by Dbuffalo 2 answers

I would like to know if people had no side affects or had side affects. I'm wondering about having infections. Also has anyone had weight loss surgery and is taking Stelara?

Has anyone else taking Stelara experienced irritation, anger, and rage after taking the shot?

Posted 25 Apr 2016 by Dozerman 1 answer

Have been taking Stelara shot for over 4 years. P has improved but is recently returning on legs. I am only taking the lower dose. Dr. is talking of giving larger dose. I am trying to determine if the Stelara shot is causing extreme irritation, anger and even rage in me. Seems like it happens after ...

Is anyone taking Stelara for Psoriatic Arthritis?

Posted 14 Jan 2016 by kamiwalker619 2 answers

I have suffered with severe arthritis for as long as I can remember. I have also been diagnosed with every kind of arthritis and have recently been diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis. My symptoms fit the bill perfectly and I agree for once with the diagnosis. My question is how effective is Stelara ...

Plaque psoriasis WORSE since Stelara. Took 3 shots of 45ml- has anyone else seen their psoriasis get

Posted 15 Dec 2015 by ElaineAlberts 3 answers

... worse from Stelara? Don't know how to stop the progression-worried that it will keep getting worse. More spots on feet, fingers, & legs!

Stelara - Has anyone experienced weight loss ive been taking stelera for my chrons since sept 2015?

Posted 1 Jan 2016 by Mendoza101 0 answers

... and i have lost 25pounds from the middle of nov/15 to now

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