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Is zaleplon (sonata) 20 mg better than zolpidem?

Posted 10 Sep 2011 by okey dokey 3 answers

Dr, wants to take me off zolpidem 10. Is Zaleplon even close. I lay awake for hours before I fall asleep. At least with the zolpidem I can get to sleep, but still wake up in 4 or 5 hours. I would love for anyones opinion. Thank you

Sex and insomnia?

Posted 3 Jul 2012 by SandraLHoutz 8 answers

Does anyone else (ladies preferably) have trouble sleeping after sex? And this even after taking whichever sleep med of choice BEFORE bed, hubby has even been reluctant so that I can sleep ... lol ... I told him don't not do it for that reason ... he-he ... just curious as to why this happens ...

10 mg generic Sonata and 50mg quietepine (Seroquel)?

Posted 28 Jul 2016 by The Grapes 1 answer

That's what my doc has prescribed me.

I took Sonata for the first time last night and it was an hour after a heavy meal and ice cream?

Posted 20 May 2016 by Notsleepingcori 0 answers

If I did sleep it was the light/no sleep mode I went to bed at 930 and woke up and took another one at midnight. Still nothing! Am I taking it wrong or is it not working or is it just not the right drug for me? I am super frustrated! Please help!

Can you take adderall and sonata at the same time?

Posted 27 Sep 2015 by Craziebytch 1 answer

Adderall 20mg.. sonata 1.5mg

Can I take 2 10mg capsules of sonata? 1is not working?

Posted 23 Apr 2015 by SleepyinNJ 1 answer

So far I have been prescribed ambien, ativan and the trazadone for insomnia. Nothing worked. I don't sleep for more then 4 hours a night. Now I am trying sonata. I took 10 mgs about 2 hours ago and I am still wide awake. Can I take another 10 mgs now? I need to sleep!

Can TRAZODONE be prescribed as a substitute for Zaleplon (Sonata)?

Posted 9 Dec 2014 by Lucire 3 answers

I was prescribed Zaleplon for occasional insomnia. Now my medical plan "suggests" a less expensive "substitute" named TRAZODONE. A quick research reveals TRAZODONE is an anti-depressant; no specific mention of it's use for insomnia. I already take an anti depressant, ...

Has anyone ever gone to a sleep specialist?

Posted 14 Jan 2014 by Suzybelle 5 answers

I made an appointment to see one... what should I expect? Or am I wasting my money? I been dealing with insomnia for years... I tried tons of sleep meds. Nothing works and I am always taking more of my meds then I should. I am now on ambien... I tried Sonota... not sure what else works with me... I ...

Side Effect - Can any medication cause sleepwalking?

Posted 16 Feb 2013 by vakitt 3 answers

I have started sleepwalking and was wondering if it can be cause by medicines. I Sonata to help me sleep.

Insomnia - Does anyone know if you can "safely" take the over the counter sleep meds along with a?

Posted 3 Jul 2012 by SandraLHoutz 12 answers

... prescription med (like Ambien, Sonata or Rozarem?) I'm speaking of the melatonin type meds that you can get over the counter. Allteril, Sleep and another one, I can't think of it's name ... I didn't know if it would help me transition to sleep?

Sonata - how long before it starts working?

Posted 24 Feb 2011 2 answers

I have been taking sleep aids for 25 years. They work and stop. I took Ambien but had the amnesia effect. I took Sonata years ago so we are trying it again. How long before it takes effect in general. I have been exhausted for weeks. Took my 2 10mg caps tonight and went to bed. Im sleepy but cant ...

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