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I took senokot max strength at 4.30pm as I couldnt wait till the morning, as I was in so much pain!?

Posted 8 Feb 2012 by gginannnnnnna 1 answer

... Would it honestly be bad to take another at 1am my usuall bed time if it would be bad why? can someone please let me know, also will this product empty my bowels completly?

I took two senokot tablets on Friday. Everything I'm eating still goes straight through!?

Posted 20 Apr 2011 by Debz18 3 answers

My stomach is still churning. When will the effect disappear or is there anything I can now do / take to settle my tum again?

Why when I took two senokot-s tablets nothing happen and it been over 12hr?

Posted 17 Aug 2015 by Tiredofthis1 1 answer

Ive taken these tablets before and it work also how long does it take to be in your system and why when i took it before it work but now it didnt

Doc unconcerned by constipation up to my lungs?

Posted 3 Jul 2016 by RyanPm40 1 answer

I am usually very regular, but I have been constipated for a week now. I've tried miralax, senokot, and meta mucil with no luck. I went to an Urgent Care facility, where I was given an x-ray (after a LOT of hesitation from the doc). At first I was told by the tech I'd be getting two ...

I took only one Senokot last night. Nothing happened this morning. Can I take another now? I have?

Posted 12 Nov 2016 by ishkey 0 answers

... ibs-c extremely bad. For over 15 years. I've tried every medicine known to man. It works for about 2 to 3 months then stops. I switch medicines , works for a few months then stops. Now I'm trying Senokot. I like to try a little at first then up the dose. So any suggestions as to what ...

I know people that take Metamucil every day. Is it ok to take Senokot once daily?

Posted 12 Aug 2016 by JS_54321 0 answers

I take 3 or 4 Senokot tablets once a week. Just wondering if I took one each night if it would help me to be regular.

Senokot - I took a Senokot laxative pill yesterday and I had to wait until I had to go and I took?

Posted 17 Jun 2016 by Marcy123 1 answer

... two more around 5pm and I went to the bathroom and I did go but nothing happened. And my right side is in pain. What should I do. Please help me. And should I take another laxative pill

Senokot - I have too have a colonoscopy my dr has ordered a two day cleanse My question is is it?

Posted 18 Aug 2016 by christine01 0 answers

... safe to take 15 senocot one day and 15 the next day

Which laxative is better, ducolax or senakot?

Posted 1 Jan 2015 by adr8281 1 answer

Which one causes less cramps?

Senokot S - How long can you take Senkot S?

Posted 8 Oct 2015 by Samsother 0 answers

The 2 senokot tablets I took started working 8hrs ago but I'm still going to the loo is that normal?

Posted 16 Nov 2014 by redstar29 1 answer

The tablets seem to have done there job but I'm still going to the loo every 2hrs or so is this normal and when is it likely to stop?

My doctor prescribed the largest dose of Linzess, however I take it and nothing happens?

Posted 21 May 2015 by Shazmambo5 1 answer

How long should I continue to take these before trying something else. I have had constipation for years and tried miralax, Senekot, dulcolax etc. I drink tons of water and eat veggies, salads beans and fruit, also gummie fibre pills. I am so uncomfortable, especially the stomach distension, I look ...

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