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Scopolamine Questions

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Does anyone feel they have permanent vision loss from 1 time use (7 days) of scopolamine?

Posted 25 Aug 2010 11 answers

I used the transderm-scop patch for a week about a year ago while on a small fishing boat. My vision became quite blurred by the end of the trip... so bad I couldn't read the numbers on my cellphone, etc. Once I took off the patch, my vision improved substantially... but never seemed to return ...

Has anyone tried scopolamine for major depression?

Posted 24 Aug 2012 5 answers

was wondering if anyone has had any experience with scopolamine for untreatable depression. any info about doseage or anything else would be greatly appreciated

Can the scopolamine patch help with my Benign Positional Vertigo the side effects are scary?

Posted 24 May 2014 2 answers

Ive tried many different meds from my Dr. and nothing has helped so he gave me the scopolamine patch. Ive read some reviews, but haven't found info on BPV and the pro's and con's of this drug. The side effects are horrible too. Thanks for your help.

Where can I buy pill/liquid scopolamine?

Posted 24 Jun 2017 1 answer

I have been using scopolamine for over 5 years every day. More often than not I have a reaction to the glue used to keep the patch in place. I am told that I can get pills and or liquid, but I've had no luck?

Atropine/Hyoscyamine/Phenobarbital/Scopolamine - Is belladonna addictive?

Posted 3 Sep 2009 2 answers

My doctor prescribed me belladonna for irritable bowel syndrom and it is a barbituate and I'm afraid of getting addicted. Do I have to worry about becoming addicted?

I have Meniere's and was currently on scopolamine patch and also on diuretics I was told today to?

Posted 31 Jan 2013 1 answer

stop the patch and start meclizine but this med is not recommended if you have asthma is there another med that I can try??

I was prescribed transdermal scopolamine 1.5 mg patches for a cruise 3 years ago and still have some

Posted 11 Aug 2013 1 answer

... left. even though they have expired 3 years ago, will they still be effective to use this year?

Scopolamine - is it a narcotic?

Posted 18 Dec 2013 1 answer

Is Transderm Scop(Scopolalmine) an Opiat?

Scopolamine - Has anyone had a reaction (dizziness and nausea) AFTER STOPPING the use of the patch?

Posted 16 Jun 2010 2 answers

... I used it successfully for 2 weeks but 2 days after taking off the last patch I have been dizzy and nauseated for over 24 hours

Is scopolamine a scheduled drug?

Posted 14 Oct 2013 1 answer

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