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Rozerem Questions

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Sex and insomnia?

Posted 3 Jul 2012 by SandraLHoutz 8 answers

Does anyone else (ladies preferably) have trouble sleeping after sex? And this even after taking whichever sleep med of choice BEFORE bed, hubby has even been reluctant so that I can sleep ... lol ... I told him don't not do it for that reason ... he-he ... just curious as to why this happens ...

I am prescribed Zolpidem 10mg and they do not work so at times I take up to 30mg. I have been?

Posted 21 Dec 2013 by texasmama 2 answers

prescribed Zolpidem 10mg twice at night, now my doctor had lowered my dose to a 10mg Zolpidem and added Rozerem 8mg and told me to take it at the same time. me having taken more of the Zolpidem would it be alright as my doctor had told me to take them both even tho I have taken more dosage of ...

Can't sleep I've tried a few med's and nothing is working?

Posted 25 May 2010 by katewat 2 answers

I am on some pain med's and can't sleep, I am on ambien and trazadone but it just does'nt help anymore, so I tried rozerem (if I spelled that right) it did nothing, I tried this sleep promote vitamin and still nothin. I agree with another post that you should only use your bed for ...

Taking Rozerem and 10 mg. Melatonin Together?

Posted 20 Jan 2018 by Don M 1 answer

Does anyone know if it is safe to take Rozerem and 10 mg. Melatonin together?

What are your thoughts on Rozerem ... I just started it after telling doc that the Ambien and the?

Posted 21 Jun 2012 by SandraLHoutz 3 answers

... Ambien CR stopped working ... in fact, Ambien worked 2 weeks, asked for Ambien CR and it never worked and I took it for 3 nights ... so I asked for Rozerem ... so far, and it's only 2 nights ... I have slept, but I have come to find out that my insurance will not cover it until I take and ...

Can I take rozerem with ambien?

Posted 1 Sep 2012 by cat crazy 1 answer

I usually take 30mgs of ambien and u only have 20.Will taking a rozerem help at all? is it ok to take both + and willit help the ambien work better being its a lower dose than usual?

How long is Rozerem good after the expirey date?

Posted 24 Feb 2012 by lchilson 1 answer

Where can I get the generic Ramelteon?

Posted 3 Sep 2015 by Sleeplessone2 1 answer

I have checked with a number of stores and they do not have the generic of Rozerem. Please tell me where I can find it. The brand is way too expensive for us to buy and we are not at the poverty level to get help. My insurance will not pay for it. Thank you This is for my daughter who is 46 yr old ...

I take Ambien but worry about becoming dependent. Would Rozerem work as well; without dependency?

Posted 30 Sep 2010 by kimmy28168 1 answer

I take no other psychotrophic drugs. I take Ambien for sleep, because after failed back surgery, it's the only time I am out of pain. I avoid pain meds, as I react in adverse ways to them.

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