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Robitussin Questions


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Can Robitussin AC be bought without a prescription?

Posted 20 Aug 2011 by primetimegrape 17 answers

I have read this on several websites and it states it also in Wikipedia. I am confused because this medicine has codeine in it, yet it says u can buy 4 ounces at the pharmacy if u are over 18? It reads like this:Robitussin DAC (more commonly known as its generic form, Cheratussin DAC) is an exempt ...

Expired Robitussin?

Posted 13 Mar 2010 by bethbythree 3 answers

I have several bottles of Robitussin liquid that are dated in 2008. Do I have to throw them away or are they possibly still good? Thanks! Beth

Robitussin - Can an eight year old take ribitussin?

Posted 13 Feb 2015 by Arricab 2 answers

My child is 8 and weighs 65lbs. The over the counter meds are not getting it at night. She can't rest.

Can you mix DayQuil and robitussin?

Posted 9 Sep 2014 by sd_elise 1 answer

False positive for thc?

Posted 18 Sep 2017 by vanessa1012 1 answer

hi i have been taking naproxen,robotussin, and fertile aid, and collagen supplements can any of these cause a false positive drug screen for thc? i have never done marijuana in my life and i got fired for thc!!!

Any issues with taking Benzonatate with Robitussin and Mucinex?

Posted 6 Jul 2010 by ldianajarvis 2 answers

I checked several web sites dealing with drug interaction and each site indicated no issues with taking all three together, however, pharmacy would not sell me Robitussin with my prescription for Tesalon Perls (Benzonatate)

I just took Dayquil how long before I can take Robitussin night time cough?

Posted 30 Nov 2016 by Sarajevo2016 1 answer

I took Dayquil gel caps and I know i cant take the Robitussin now too... but when can i take it?

Robitussin Soft Gels Dosage?

Posted 24 Nov 2009 by lotsofroses 1 answer

It is impossible to read, even with a magnifying glass the recommened adult dosage. I can't find it on th website either. Please tell me what the recommended dosage is. And please print it so it is a size that can be read on the product.

How long after taking dayquil severe can I take robitussin?

Posted 4 Jan 2015 by aseymer3615 1 answer

I took the dayquil around 11 am and it's now 6pm.. can I take the robitussin now?

Robitussin-AC - what does the ac stand for?

Posted 14 Feb 2011 by cmisavage 1 answer

Can I take Robitussin while taking Bupropion?

Posted 16 Mar 2018 by Hairon Rojas 2 answers

I'm taking Robitussin w codeine once a day before bed. Is it okay to take Pepto bismol this morning?

Posted 17 Nov 2010 by theshany 1 answer

I am ALWAYS worried about mixing drugs together. Currently I'm taking Robitussin AC (with codeine) once a day before bed for a cough I've had for a few weeks now. This morning I woke up with an upset stomach that has continued from last night (I have IBS, irritable bowl syndrome) so I ...

Which robitussin is bes to take for a cough/runny nose cold?

Posted 30 Dec 2010 by Shirgean 1 answer

Taking blood pressure medicine, thyroid medicine, and cholestrol lowering medicine already.

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