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Rizatriptan Questions

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Rizatriptan - What to do if you took it wrong? It was sublingual and I didn’t realize it?

Posted 10 days ago by KimC48 0 answers

I had awful side effects. Still don’t feel right. I read about acute toxicity. Anyone know anything regarding this?

I have recently switched from brand name Maxalt, to generic rizatriptan. I find the rizatriptan?

Posted 29 May 2013 by khollander 10 answers

... VERY different in many unpleasant ways. Is anyone else having these problems? The generic I have used is made by Breckenridge Pharma - maybe other ones are better?

Rizatriptan - Does this medication possibly cause my ears to constantly make swishing noise?

Posted 23 Aug 2017 by PamelaJean32872 0 answers

I started taking maxalt about 3 months ago. Yes, they do work wonders for my headaches but, everytime my heart beats I hear a swishing sound in my ears. I haven't started or stopped any other medication. I've used wax remover products, I've tried laying on a heating pad... I ...

Rizatriptan - I just stared taking rizatripan and did not like ie at all.Did not stop the head ache?

Posted 6 Jun 2016 by bonzer 0 answers

... at all.Plus it gave me a weird feeling ,my right arm went numb and my face felt different.So thie drug to me is out . It also made my stomach nausea,I got very moody and didnt care about mt husband feelings.I wont take that med again. To scarey for me

Can I take Rizatriptan after taking exceeding migraine?

Posted 4 Nov 2015 by thud58 0 answers

Took exceed ring migraine about one hour ago because could not find Rizatriptan but now I have found it. Can I take it now?

Migraine - Has anyne tried Rizatriptan(generic for Maxalt- one tablet dose dissolved under tongue)?

Posted 15 Oct 2013 by alijazz 4 answers

... ANY Bad side affects. I have this but I was hesitant to try it as I usually am with new meds

Rizatriptan - Is Generic Maxalt as effecive as the brand name?

Posted 25 Feb 2014 by ltravieso 3 answers

I have used Maxalt in the past and is a life saver. I have been suffering a bad migraine for 2 days and this morning called in my doctor to please prescribe Maxalt. But what i got was the generic kind. My boyfriend picked it up so i was not able to ask the pharmacist - i took the 10 Mg pill and the ...

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