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Tylenol vs Advil: What's the difference?

Posted 15 Sep 2016 1 answerFAQ by

Tylenol and Advil are both used for pain relief but is one more effective than the other or has less of a risk of side effects?

Depo-Provera - How long am I in the risk of developing blood clots after receiving the shot?

Posted 18 hours ago by Zevren 0 answers

One of the side effects is getting blood clots in the brain or lungs. How long am I at risk for that after getting the shot

I just got my birth control Nexplanon out yesterday morning. Am I at high risk pregnancy?

Posted 13 days ago by Amandachildress 1 answer

A friend told me in not able to have sex till after 6 weeks of getting Nexplanon taken out. Am I able to have protected sex with a condom?

Amitriptyline (Elavil) Sun Exposure?

Posted 21 Dec 2016 by Sholtohaggart 4 answers

I'm taking 20mg at night and would like to know if I need to take extra precautions in the sun. I read that there is a risk but is that only with higher doses? Any help welcome, thanks.

Am I at higher risk of being pregnant?

Posted 28 Mar 2018 by Peachy keen 0 answers

I have been taking, Xulane regularity and correctly for almost a year. I took my third patch off on a Sunday for my “free week” like I normally do. I didn’t stop bleeding until Monday morning. Which is when I put my patch back on. I had unprotected sex during my free week on a ...

I missed my Monday birth control did not realize and kept taking my pill as regular. Risk?

Posted 25 Mar 2018 by G1234i 0 answers

I believe it was Monday I missed because I remember taking Sunday's single pill and one pill a day Tuesday thru Wednesday. It was on Thursday that I realized I had lost track of a day somewhere because I saw Wednesday pill and I had taken a pill on Wednesday. So I doubled up on Wednesday and ...

Regarding he warning not to stop taking Eliquis because stopping could increase the risk of stroke,?

Posted 25 Jan 2018 by JeffL1 1 answer

... does that mean the risk would be the same as if I never started, or is there a greater risk in starting then stopping?

Is it possible to safely consume alcohol while taking bupropion?

Posted 15 Jul 2016 by User2021 4 answers

I will be celebrating my 21st birthday in about 4 months and was put on bupropion about a month ago. I am very aware of the risk of seizing when mixing alcohol and bupropion. I have found the new medication to be extremely helpful in improving my mental health but I also don't want to miss out ...

I’ve been skipping my period for years, and just started taking the placebo pills again?

Posted 20 Feb 2018 by periodpains 0 answers

So I started BC when I was in high school. I had regular periods with it until I changed my brand, where I would start my period even if I took the pill 5 minutes late (I would take it at 9 every day) so I changed to another brand. My senior year into my freshman year of college I stopped taking ...

Anyone tried Lexapro 30-40mg with Wellbutrin 300mg? Any concerns with seizure risk or...

Posted 2 Jan 2018 by Chandleresque 1 answer

... interactions? I take high dose Lexapro for OCD whilst the Wellbutrin has just been prescribed for breakthrough depression. Thanks

I think the Monistat1 ovule came out soon after (<60min) placing it. Never felt burning or anything?

Posted 2 Jan 2018 by Joanne211 1 answer

... like it. Been 24 hours since, can I take another Monistat1 ? Any risks?

Is there a risk of pregnancy if any at all?

Posted 31 Dec 2017 by B_Shadow 0 answers

My boyfriend and I had sex and we used a condom. We were grinding before anything but were fully clothed in the process (I didn’t ejaculate then). we made sure the condom was on correctly before there was any genital contact between his penis and my vagina. It didn’t end in him ...

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