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I have dry ejaculations for over 10 years. Can imipramine tablets help? If yes and...

Posted 10 days ago by WAHAB MELMOTH 0 answers

... how long should I take to complete the dosage for full recovery?

Head & Neck Surgery - Good morning I had c5 c6 c7 cadaver surgery. All hyrnated building pressing?

Posted 18 days ago by Magdalenarose 0 answers

... on my spinal cord caused paralysis. I'm a month into recovery. Any info on other's experiences would be wonderful. Thank you kindly in advance

Happy news of recovery from long term prednisone dementia etc problems please share hope?

Posted 17 Jun 2017 by Gayle marie 1234 0 answers

Need hopeful sucess stories on recovering from damage after long term prednisone and details. Plenty of bad news need positives

Recovery Time after Blood Transfusion?

Posted 24 May 2017 by Zylo 0 answers

So almost 3 months ago I needed emergency surgery and received about 4 units of blood and a week's stay in the hospital. After about 8 weeks my numbers were all basically normal with my iron still being a little low. Most days I feel alright, but still sometimes tired and lately I've ...

Groin hip pain: I am nurse and over year ago I picked a man 180lbs off ground 10 inches, I have?

Posted 12 May 2017 by dsimpson12 0 answers

had pain since then on the hip/groin of my left side. I stretch it, ice it, rest it when it flares up but this last time about 1 month ago it will not recovery. Recently I can only take very small steps and if I walk in my regular stride it will actually go out and sometimes I actually go to the ...

How long is recovery after pacemaker and ablation a month later?

Posted 5 May 2017 by ragsgolf 0 answers

March 26 was pacemaker; then ablation on April 20th. Fortunately my Afib seems controlled and the pm is keeping my heart rate no lower than 60. However, doing any one little thing like shopping for bedding plants or coiling a hose tires me out. Also I have a sporadic deep cough which comes and ...

Why was Shingles Maximum Recovery Care taken off market?

Posted 5 May 2017 by Chubow 0 answers

Only cream that helped and no longer available... WHY

My husband has diabetic retinopathy and had his 3rd bleed in February. They have talked vitrectomy.?

Posted 1 Apr 2017 by Helpless58 0 answers

... He only has one eye that he can see with the other he is legally blind in. Any information that anyone can give us we with regards to recovery and outcome as to improved vision

Hello all, I accidentally took an extra dose of Daclatasvir by accident, 6 hours apart. I'm?

Posted 12 Feb 2017 by Hopefulbutworried 1 answer

... afraid this will mess up all my chances for recovery. I'm on my 4th week and once I missed a Sovaldi dose by 5 hours and a daclatasvir dose by 3 hours. I took the missed doses as soon as I remembered but now I have this. I think I messed up big time. I don't know what happened to me. ...

Bipolar Disorder - I need to find a non psychotic mood stabilizer for my bipolar 1?

Posted 19 Jan 2017 by Virginiachick 6 answers

I am applying for admission to TROSA, a drug recovery program. They will not admit me while on an anti-psychotic drug (olanzapine). I need to have a mood stabilizer for my bipolar 1, that is not an anti-psychotic. I am also taking Strattera for my ADHD and Escitalopram Oxalate, both of which are ...

What is the average recovery time after you stop using Efudex?

Posted 18 Nov 2016 by DMBM 1 answer

My Dr told me to use twice a day for 21 days. The red blotches & burning is incredible and are all over my entire face except my forehead. I am wondering (on average) how long it may take for your face to look normal again, 2 weeks or longer?

My dad recently had a colostomy. During surgery they removed 10 cm of his tailbone?

Posted 22 Jan 2017 by Takkta 1 answer

This part of the procedure wasn't mentioned prior to surgery and seems to be giving him a lot of pain post op. Reading online it seems coccyx surgery is rare because recovery is slow and painful. Is this a normal part of s colostomy? Why would they have done this? I'm worried about the ...

Does drinking in small amounts cause damage and hinder recovery after suffering a grade 3 liver lac?

Posted 25 Jan 2017 by justinsawyer1 1 answer

About 2 and a half weeks ago I was pinned between two vehicles and suffered a grade 3 liver laceration. Now that I'm a little better, will drinking in small amounts cause further damage?

Why am I having pain 11 months after labrum repair surgery?

Posted 6 Dec 2016 by kidspike94 1 answer

I am 11 months post op after having labrum repair surgery. recovery was fairly easy with no issues and was back to work within 6 weeks and took the sling off 9 weeks after surgery. doctor told me was able to return to normal activities and work. I haven't had any pain until 2 weeks ago.

Recovery of a Trimalleolar Fracture?

Posted 2 Dec 2016 by dsolz 0 answers

I recently broke my ankle in 3 places and had surgery with screws and a plate. I will ask on my followup the number of screws etc. I was wondering if someone who had a trimalleolar fracture could elaborate on the recovery from the injury. I was told ill be walking again without a boot in 3 months ...

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