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I'm taking warfarin ( coumadin) which interacts with pylera. How I have to adjust my warfarine dose?

Posted 9 Feb 2017 by mshmulev 0 answers

... during pylera treatment? Currently I'm taking 7.5mg of warfarin daily.

Pylera - After your 10 days is done side effects?

Posted 3 Dec 2016 by Governor720 0 answers

I ended my dosage about 15 days ago and now I have had diarrhea for over 9 days. Any chance this could be a side effect from the medication just after the fact?

Has anyone had issues with rash and hives after taking pylera! 2 1/2 weeks after completing?

Posted 23 Nov 2016 by pyloricc 0 answers

... treatment and getting these rashes every day or 2

What shall I eat while taking Pylera?

Posted 7 Jul 2016 by ballerossandra 0 answers

Pylera makes me feel irritable and I have constant nausea.I don't feel like eating. I made the mistake of taking the pills after eating for the first three days.The box says before eating. can anyone suggest what foods they tolerated well? thanks I have 10 more days :(

Hi, after taking Pylera how long did it take for you to feel better?

Posted 5 Jun 2016 by sparkle909 0 answers

Im still feeling not great 4 days after finishing this awful medicine. Wanna see light at the end of the tunnel... This is my 2nd treatment in the past few months after doing triple 3months ago. However, i felt fantastic after 6 days on the triple. Unfortunately though 2 weeks after my results i ...

I need stomach x-rays and finished pylera 2 wks ago?

Posted 17 Mar 2016 by gerriengel112 0 answers

Is it OK to get x-rays now.

Pylera - Do we have to have food when taking dosage?

Posted 20 Feb 2016 by ib2tall 0 answers

Just like to know if we have to eat with each dosage, or not? Four times a day? Now who wants to eat at 11 at night especially when going to take sleeping medications??

Taking Pylera on 5th day--have nausea, dark stools and stomach cramps?

Posted 3 Dec 2015 by Grannie Bee 0 answers

Not sure what to eat-gave up my green tea for herbal/no dairy or citrus,sugar,chocolate or tomatos or sauce. Afraid I might lose my good bacteria. Drink tons of water-but would like to add fresh ginger to it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have H Pylera and have been on antibiotics for 5 days now, can it still be transmitted via kissin?

Posted 10 Aug 2015 by ShadowHunter21698 0 answers

Im taking Clarithromycin, Amoxicillin and Omexperazole

Helicobacter Pylori Infection - My stomache hurts after antibiotic treatment have your doctors?

Posted 3 Sep 2014 by archie bird 1 answer

... recommended anything for this? This is my second treatment first with prevpac and most recently with pylera. Three weeks after treatment I noticed acid again and my stomache seemed weak. After seeing my doctor again he wants me to now take omeprazole 2 a day for 3 weeks and 1 a day for 2 ...

Pylera - anyone else had extremely high cost and insurance didn't pay?drug cost?

Posted 5 Jan 2015 by tired of meds 2 answers

I went to pick up my prescription and was quoted $769.62! anyone else got this shocker??

Diarrhea during and after the full treatment of pylera, is that normal?

Posted 23 Mar 2014 by Camart1234 1 answer

I took the full course of this medicine. 2days in I had black diarrhea for the remainder of treatment. Now I am off for 2 days and still have diarrhea although it's not black it is just as intense. I am exhausted as I can't keep any nutrients in my system. Anyone else experience this?

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