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Tacrolimus - I get off and on night sweats where I soak the bed. Is this from the Prograf?

Posted 10 Dec 2017 by michelledemello 1 answer

I had a kidney transplant on November 11, 2017. I am taking 10 Prograf a day now. I am still having blood test twice a week. I get off and om night sweats where I am soaking wet. Should I be concerned? is this from the medication. No fever. BP ok. Been having muscle cramps but have upped my mmag ...

Tacrolimus - Dear Sir Re.: Prograf 0.5mg Besides the capsules, Does it has Oral...

Posted 28 Oct 2017 by ConnyL 0 answers

... solution? Because the patient want to switch the intake method to oral solution instead of capsules And where can we purchase this drug? Thank you & awaiting for you reply

Finished my Harvoni back in sept. 2016. Was given the all clear in Dec, no virus detected?

Posted 6 May 2017 by cobrakep 1 answer

... Has anyone else had to readjust their Prograf amount after being cured? I am 17 years out from my liver transplant and I took Prograf 1 mg in the am & 1 mg in the pm for all 17 years. Now since I am cured of hep C, I am up to 3mg in the am and 3mg in the pm and I am still not up to the ...

HELP! With Medicare and a supplemental ins I cannot afford PROGRAF .A 3 mths supply is $358?

Posted 28 Aug 2016 by Miracleman01 0 answers

Can I get some kind of funding? I did have a grant once but they said they have no funding.. I need your help ASAP. thanks.

My husband takes prograf he had a liver transplant now he hurts so bad in feet and legs?

Posted 29 Jun 2016 by Crystal D 2 answers

Does anyone else take prograf and hurt he says he really believes its the prograf is what causes him to hurt any info would help thanks

I take Prograf, 2x twice a day?

Posted 22 Jul 2016 by Drdeebs 0 answers

What are the side effects spending 8-10 hours, mostly in the shade. But the temperature will be 98 with very high humidity. Thanks

Do you ever get used to prograf? It makes me lightheaded. Anyone else! Thanks?

Posted 24 Apr 2016 by Rosered1963 0 answers

Kidney Trans 2 months ago still feel off when I take my prograf (tacro) I know shaking is normal but is being lightheaded normal too?

Prograf vs generic tacrolimus?

Posted 31 Dec 2009 by r90lewis 5 answers

After 4 successful years on prograf due to a kidney transplant, am I doomed if I have to make the switch to generic tacrolimus? I have been told by my transplant team the generic has not been sufficiently tested, and do not switch! What's the deal??

Long Term Effects of Prograf?

Posted 21 Dec 2014 by xindi 1 answer

My daughter had liver transplant at age 2. She is 5 now and so far everything is ok (fingers crossed). She has been on prograf all this time and doctors say she will need it for the rest of her life. What are the potential side effects of long term use of this drug? Obviously, I'm hoping for ...

Is there any financial help from drug companies for liver transplant patients anti rejection meds?

Posted 27 Feb 2013 by sherrysliver 2 answers

i need help paying for my medication I had a liver transplant jan 2013. Prograf and Valcite are two i am unable to pay for. thank you

Anyone a liver transplant patient using rapamune?

Posted 19 Dec 2012 by Kensw 2 answers

Several months ago I was switched from prograf (tacrolimus) to rapamune (Sirolimus) for immune suppression roughly a year after liver transplant. I understand it is used primarily for kidney transplant patients and am wondering how unusual this might be.

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