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Primatene Questions

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ProAir HFA - Is Primatene mist similar to pro-air?

Posted 12 Oct 2009 by jackietwo 3 answers

If I had bronchitis but no more refills is primatene something to use when still have shortness of breathe

Is Primatene mist pulled from market?

Posted 20 Sep 2010 by Carol H 1 answer

Is Primatene mist being pulled from the market as of 12/2011? Is this definite? Will a substitute still be available OTC after that? What's a person who has infrequent mild attacks on physical exertion, and who doesn't have health insurance, to do? Not breathing isn't an option!

What is the deal with Primatene Mist?

Posted 29 Mar 2010 by sunshine31 2 answers

I ended up in the hospital because I used the Primatene Mist inhaler you can buy over-the-counter pretty much anywhere. I was having an asthma attack that would worsen, then improve, then worsen again over a period of two days, and when I tried to use Primatene I got so bad that an ambulance had to ...

Is Primatene Mist a good treaatment for COPD?

Posted 19 Dec 2010 by tman1 2 answers

Availability of Primatene HFA?

Posted 6 Sep 2012 by Rose1054 1 answer

According to the manufacture of Primatene the reformulated version Primatene will not be available until late 2013. Why so long? I cant understand why the company waited so long before starting development of a HFA version and it seems as though the FDA is out to eliminate all chances of Primatene ...

How can I help my psychological addiction to Primatene Mist after years of using it?

Posted 7 Sep 2011 by lilblu 1 answer

I have been using Primatene Mist for years now. I do need to use a rescue inhaler to help open up my lungs from wheezing. It has come to the point now where I use it all day because I believe I have become psychologically addicted. I have no clue where to began with this addiction because it is ...

Can hydroxyzine have adverse reactions to a person who has taken primatene tablets for an asthma?

Posted 10 Feb 2015 by snushi225 2 answers

... asthma attack brought on by a very serious panic attack individual has been in during alot of stress and worry

Primatene Mist - Just wondering how much in "gratuitous" compensation the committees that advise the

Posted 11 Aug 2015 by limeygent 1 answer

... FDA,and the various officials therein have received in order to keep suppressed the OTC aerosol meds that worked so well.Something stinks here.I am beginning to believe that Primatine will NEVER be allowed to be sold again and that the big drug companies will again be allowed to rake in huge ...

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