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Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome Questions

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Has anybody here tried prayer and meditation? I was desperate and It worked for me?

Posted 25 Feb 2011 by ranger98 9 answers

I was suffering from POTS related symptoms. Dizziness, chronic fatigue, and frequent chest pain. I tried most everything that my doctors prescribed and felt worse. I prayed and was watching TV one day and seen a piece on Transcendental Meditation which I had learned to do when I was younger. I ...

Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome - what doctors have you seen for POTS? I can't find one?

Posted 24 Jan 2011 by POTSgirl23 4 answers

My mom and I have been searching for what seems like forever. We don't mind traveling far and we live in California. Thanks.

Does POTS go away or does it just get controlled with medication?

Posted 1 May 2011 by Jcortez2 3 answers

Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome - I'm newly diagnosed for POTS and currently have it about 80% controlled.

Midodrine - Starting medication for possible POTS?

Posted 5 Feb 2012 by HotHumid1234 4 answers

I have questions for people who suffer from POTS or LOW Blood pressure. I have low blood pressure esp. in the heat and humid weather and I live in FL. I have a high heart rate at rest sitting ranges 95-100 at complete rest in bed in the 70s.I have trouble walking and get frequent vertigo dizzy ...

For those of you taking Midodrine for POTS how does it benifit you?

Posted 16 Mar 2010 by prism 5 answers

This is one of the several meds recommended as options by my POTS specialist. I am currently on Propranolol which helps by lowering my heart rate, but I have the feeling it probably isn't the best option. (Yes, I've tried and tried to get my doctors to call me, no luck. I don't have ...

Metoprolol and PoTS syndrome?

Posted 17 Jan 2016 by CAD430 1 answer

I recently was diagnosed with PoTS. I was put on Metroprolol. I have been on it for maybe a week and a half, all of a sudden I started getting confused and feeling out of it and now I'm just constantly crying. My vision has gone blurry. It also causes my feet such as toes and nails to turn ...

Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome - would it be okay to smoke marijuana if you have POTS? i?

Posted 18 Oct 2011 by lorsmores 1 answer

... can't find any information on this online and feel awkward asking my cardiologist

Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome - I have been diagnosed with POTS and I also have a?

Posted 21 Oct 2009 by stinkypiglet 2 answers

... pacemaker as I suffer with Bradycardia with vasavagol syncope I notice I am very dizzy in the morning but I also blackout a lot at night which does not seem right as most people with POTS only get the symptoms when standing? am I correct in this assumption?

Midodrine - Anyone else experiencing major mood swings along with the physical impacts?

Posted 15 Sep 2015 by smasonaz 2 answers

I feel like during the four hours the midodrine is working, I feel okay emotionally but as soon as it wears off I am dealing with really intense anxiety and depression. I've been on the med for almost a year now and this has been recent but it seems to be a fairly clear cycle to me and ...

Propranolol - I have Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia and was prescribed Proprananol?

Posted 25 Sep 2015 by Storm8 3 answers

It is meant to help with the constant adrenaline surges and heart racing. I am only taking one of the three a day recommended as I am highly sensitive to all medications. Now a month in all good daytime but I have woken during the night to extreme heart racing and other times feeling like it's ...

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome - My twelve year old granddaughter has pots and eds, she has pain in her legs

Posted 25 May 2016 by scorpionan 2 answers

... for a few months but tonight she couldn't walk and says her legs wont work? Her left leg is turning inwards, is this common with eds or could it be a side affect of the 1800mg gabapentin daily?

Pseudoephedrine - I would like to replace claritin D for an alternative. In particular I become?

Posted 24 Oct 2009 by goldenexplorer 1 answer

... severely congested i have tried netti pots and saline as well as a natural herb congaplex. So far little relief.Any suggestions?

Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome - I have POTS that is temporary but incapacitating for 1-2

Posted 29 Apr 2013 by kidswp 1 answer

... months following major illness and most recently thyroidectomy for early Thyroid cancer. My physician is recommending Thyrogen and possible RAI. Could this trigger POTS? With my POTS I have sodium wasting and inability to stay hydrated and intolerance to water without salt i.e. V-8 or chicken ...

I was told that a person who has Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia is not supposed to eat chocolate?

Posted 16 Feb 2014 by campbellblank 2 answers

... or drink any tea ( even herbal) is this true?

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