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Pill Id Questions (Page 11)

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Can you find this white pill for me?

Posted 22 hours ago by Clawdia 0 answers

The pill is white. Oblong/ oval shaped. One side has a fancy letter. Possibly a "D". The other side has a split with 07 on it. Thanks

I found a pill need to know what it is it's?

Posted 4 days ago by SantaC 1 answer

Its like a cough and cold gel tab but its black and when cut in half the insides are gel and color is black...

What do amlodipine pills look like?

Posted 4 days ago by lovemymeds 1 answer

the pill is white round and has an A on one side and nothing on the other

What is this pill: Brown and Three-sided?

Posted 21 hours ago by JMatlock 0 answers

V 20 xa

What is this pill. A large pill, oval, light blue in color, used for the treatment of arthritis?

Posted 8 hours ago by MARK2007 0 answers

I believe that the imprint was three capital letters. Thank you.

What do Metformin made by Amneal pills look like?

Posted 19 hours ago by xjsw 0 answers

On the bottle from Walgreens in USA. Mfg AMNEAL Metformin 500mg tabs. When I look it up it says no such Mfg. White, round, Inscribed 1P 218 on one side and 500 on the other. Help? Thanks.

Identify pill: TCL180 Round?

Posted 6 days ago by Ak1986girl99611 1 answer

The imprint appears to be TCL180 or tcli80 it doesn't have a space between letters/numbers , so it's hard to know where to start. Orange/brownish color and round

Help identifying pill: Clear and Capsule-shape?

Posted 22 hours ago by Jwoo5178 0 answers

No markings. Clear liquid. Oval-shaped. Soft capsule encasement. Very light colored tint.

What is this pill: White and Round?

Posted 1 day 6 hours ago by ellj 0 answers

No imprint, this is supposed to be a Cyanocobalamin modified release 1 mg pill but I am suspect it may be placebo ? I am in UK

Help identifying pill with 'B 8' imprint?

Posted 6 days ago by TRIGGER210 1 answer

A white rectangular pill with 3 sections. The first section having a "B" and the third having an "8" impriinted.

Identify pill with 'G' imprint?I found a pink pill with g on front and p2 on back?

Posted 1 day 17 hours ago by Power82 0 answers

Pink kinda long pill with with g on front and p/2 on back

Identify pill: 500 White and Round?

Posted 1 day 17 hours ago by Jamie Bighetty 0 answers

White round pill with a indent on other side

What is this pill: RP 10 325 White and Round?

Posted 7 days ago by Becca1290 1 answer

Does anyone have an RP 10 325 with one side of the pill the imprint is sideways

What is this pill: L Pink and Round?

Posted 2 days 7 hours ago by Coxygirl125 0 answers

L peach/ pink small and round

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