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Paregoric Questions

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Is Paregoric still available for purchase? Where do you get it?

Posted 19 May 2012 by detroit1945 28 answers

I'm a 66 year old male that has been suffering with diarrhea for 44 years now. All I ever hear from doctors is I have IBS. Every time I get a new doctor they always want to do the whole battery of GI test. I am so over these tests that I won't do another one. The only thing that has ever ...

Can anyone tell me where I can find Paregoric?

Posted 10 Oct 2010 by Capt. Shaw 6 answers

This is the only drug that will relieve my diarrhea. I cannot find it and the drug stores deny being able to get it. This is frightening. With it I am not housebound and can have a normal life. Can anyone help me find it?

Paregoric options?

Posted 22 Oct 2010 by MWH95 3 answers

8 Years ago I had my entire Colon removed. Since then Paregoric is the only medication that can both instantly relieve bowel pain and activity and also be used to ensure my ability to function wen no bathrooms are available. I am now being told by my area pharmacies that it has been discontinued. ...

My baby has very bad colic every day. I know that my mother use to give us Paregoric for this?

Posted 20 Nov 2009 by Frankiemejia 1 answer

... malady. Is there anyway I can give Paregoric to my baby? Is there something similar that prevents this pain in babies? Thanks

I have ulcerative colitis (mild) and recently my doctor has described paregoric to firm up my stool?

Posted 15 Dec 2009 by wakulla168 3 answers

The dosage is 5 ml twice a day... I have a slightly enlarged prostrate (63 yrs old) and a mild underactive thyroid... Should I ask my urinary doctor and primary doctor if they agree with my gastroenterologist prescribing this drug ? Have you had paregoric prescribed to firm up stool (has been ...

Can paregoric elixer be addictive?

Posted 14 May 2010 by Worried friend 2 answers

I'm worried about a friend who drinks about 3 bottles of paragoric elikser (Lennon's medicine) per day for the last few decades. she says it relaxes her and give her energy. she had such problems with her bowels that she had a colostomy, but she said this has nothing to do with paragoric ...

Replacement for paregoric?

Posted 11 Dec 2010 by silvythecat 1 answer

What is paregoric liquid, used for IBS want more info?

Posted 25 Oct 2010 by skmpuddsmom 1 answer

irritable bowel syndrome, (IBS) paregoric liquid used to slow down the bowels cannot find to much on this med

Is Paregoric suitable for 15 year olds?

Posted 18 Jul 2012 by tennis8 1 answer

I am having really bad diarhea for 3 days now and i have to go to the bathroom like 8 times a day. I had to miss work today because my stomach was really giving me a lot of pain. I have taken Pepto Bismol and it only works for half an hour and then the pain comes back. So i have to take it every ...

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