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Pap Smear Questions

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Why did the symptoms of trichomoniasis appear 3 days after taking metronidazole?

Posted 12 Jun 2015 by girl22 2 answers

I had a pap smear and was told I had trichomoniasis. I never had any symptoms nor did my boyfriend and I cheat on each other. I'm assuming I contracted it last year from an ex because I had a few symptoms but thought it was a yeast infection. I used monistat and the symptoms went away, never ...

Can I use Anbesol for vaginal area itching?

Posted 23 May 2014 by samson2340 3 answers

Anbesol works wonders for mouth problems, tooth aches etc. I have unbelievable itching off and on. I have been to the doctor, had the whole work up done; pap smear, culture for infection or yeast infection. All negative. The doctor thought possibly some food I eat may be irritating me. So for the ...

Why would an ob-gyn prescribe Provera to a 51 year-old who has not had a period in 1 1/2 years?

Posted 15 Jan 2014 by Sandwiched Mom 2 answers

I went for a pap smear after 5 years and reported to my ob-gyn that my family doctor had told me that I was post-menopausal. He had done two FSH/LH (?) tests at a year's interval and pronounced me post-menopausal. I had a diminished number of periods over the course of one year and then no ...

What is the main cause of cervical polyps in a postmenopausal women?

Posted 19 Sep 2014 by beacon29 1 answer

A 58 year old postmenopausal women with a large cervical polyp, even though I had a pap smear just one year ago and it grew to a large size in that amount of time. Could being overweight caused the cervical polyp to grow.

Would a urine sample to test for pregnancy also diagnose a bacterial infection?

Posted 29 Mar 2015 by liviilove155 1 answer

I just went to the gynecologist and got a pap smear and they took a urine sample to test for pregnancy, would this tell me if i have bacterial vaginosis as well?

Pap Smear Worries (First One)?

Posted 4 Aug 2016 by Sostressed 1 answer

What can cause an abnormal pap smear (HPV)? I am 22 and I have never had one but my mom is forcing me to get one and she won't shut up until I do it. I get the importance of having it done but at the same time I believe it is far too invasive and in most cases provides more false positives ...

I went to my obgyn to get tested after a new partner. He did a Pap smear and said?

Posted 5 Mar 2017 by Nicolehe1993 1 answer

It just looked like I had some yeast- I had mentioned that I had a tiny bit of discharge that wasn't completely clear and a little bit chunky. There's no burning or itching or discomfort- just the tiny bit of discharge. So anyway he said it looked like some yeast and to get Monistat. I ...

Can metronidazole gel cause you to be achy lower part of your stomach and the vagina?

Posted 13 Oct 2017 by Hudsonmommy87 1 answer

Just got my pap smear results back and I have bv. They prescribe me this montrozale gel to use twice a day for 7 days. I am on my second day and I am feeling achy. I do have flat pills but I am just wondering if bv can heal on its own? I been with my husband for 13 years but I just had a baby three ...

I have HPV, will I ever be protected again?

Posted 31 Oct 2017 by okilife 1 answer

A little back brief, I was recently diagnosed with HPV when I had an abnormal Pap smear a couple months ago. I ended up getting a biopsy and they ruled out cancer but just told me that I will need Pap smears yearly now. They also told me that my HPV would most likely clear up on its own as long as ...

What can cause a woman to have a musty odor which seems to be vaginally or in that area?

Posted 2 Oct 2015 by SCB01 1 answer

Saw my OB-Gyn Doctor regarding this problem. He took a Pap smear, the results were negative, no infections. Bathing does not fix this. When I'm dressed, the odor seems to radiate thru my clothes and my chemistry is not a good one. I've tried everything from Vagisil odor block wash & ...

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