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Poverty Does No Favors for Health

Posted 23 Oct 2017 by

MONDAY, Oct. 23, 2017 – Being in relatively poor financial health when middle-aged or older appears to significantly increase the risk for developing a disability or dying early. The observation stems from an analysis of data from the United States and England that drew links between wealth and health among almost 20,000 people aged 54 to 76. For example, over a 10-year period, Americans aged 54 to 64 who were in the lowest wealth bracket (with financial holdings of $39,000 or less) faced a 48 percent risk for developing a disability and 17 percent risk for dying prematurely, the investigators found. By comparison, their peers in the highest bracket (with holdings equaling $560,000 or more) had a 15 percent disability risk and 5 percent premature death risk. The fact that people in England are guaranteed cradle-to-grave government-run health care coverage, while Americans are not, did ... Read more

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Incision Length Linked to Pain After Cesarean

Posted 23 Oct 2017 by

SATURDAY, Oct. 21, 2017 – How much pain a woman feels after cesarean delivery may depend on the length of the incision, a new study suggests. Researchers assessed pain in nearly 700 women who gave birth via elective C-sections. Both short and long surgical incisions were linked to greater pain. Based on their findings, the researchers concluded that the ideal length of a C-section incision is between roughly 4.5 and 6.5 inches. They said shorter and longer incisions should be avoided when possible. Women in the study were followed for up to 12 months. Those with short incisions were more likely to report higher pain scores immediately after delivery, which likely indicates intense tissue stretching during delivery, the researchers said. Women with long incisions were also more likely to report higher pain scores, including increased sensitivity to pain around the surgical incision. "To ... Read more

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Around the World, Too Little Relief for Pain

Posted 13 Oct 2017 by

FRIDAY, Oct. 13, 2017 – Tens of millions of people worldwide who die in severe physical and mental distress each year could have an easier death if low-cost pain drugs were available in their countries, a new report says. Children account for more than 2.5 million of the almost 26 million people with serious illnesses who receive no palliative care or pain relief, according to the report. The findings came from an analysis of data on the care provided in 172 countries for people with any of 20 serious conditions, including HIV, cancer, heart disease, premature birth, tuberculosis, hemorrhagic fevers, lung and liver disease, malnutrition, dementia and trauma injuries. Of the 61 million people who endure severe physical or psychological suffering and pain each year, about 83 percent live in 100 low- and middle-income countries where there's little or no access to low-cost, off-patent ... Read more

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Your Robot Masseuse Will See You Now

Posted 12 Oct 2017 by

THURSDAY, Oct. 12, 2017 – The backaches of the future may have a new remedy – developers say a robot masseuse is now treating patients in Singapore. Known as Emma (for Expert Manipulative Massage Automation), the robot mimics the human palm and thumb and specializes in back and knee massages, according to its developers. It is used alongside a doctor and massage therapist and, the developers said, "provides a massage that is described by patients as almost indistinguishable from a professional masseuse." The device was developed by AiTreat, a technology startup company launched at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. Use of the robot began Oct. 9 at the NovaHealth Traditional Chinese Medicine clinic in Singapore. Emma has sensors that measure tendon and muscle stiffness and can calculate the optimal massage and track a patient's recovery over a course of treatments, ... Read more

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ERs Prescribing Opioids at Lower Doses, Shorter Durations

Posted 26 Sep 2017 by

TUESDAY, Sept. 26, 2017 – Emergency room doctors write lower-dose, shorter-term prescriptions for opioids than other doctors do, new research shows. The study, led by scientists at the Mayo Clinic, challenges views that emergency departments are the main source of prescriptions for the powerful painkillers whose use – and misuse – has soared in recent years. The research also suggests that patients who get an opioid prescription – such as for oxycodone (OxyContin) – during an ER visit are less likely to abuse the drugs over the long term. "There are a few things that many people assume about opioids, and one is that, in the emergency department, they give them out like candy," said the study's lead author, Molly Jeffery. She is scientific director of the Mayo Clinic division of emergency medicine research, in Rochester, Minn. "This idea didn't really fit with the clinical ... Read more

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Lady Gaga's Fibromyalgia Puts Illness in the Spotlight

Posted 22 Sep 2017 by

THURSDAY, Sept. 21, 2017 – Earlier this month, superstar Lady Gaga took to social media to announce that she has long struggled with fibromyalgia. The news has put the painful and poorly understood illness center stage. Just this week, the singer announced on Twitter that she's postponing the European leg of her 2017 "Joanne" concert tour due to what she described as fibromyalgia-related "trauma and chronic pain." Gaga hasn't offered up details of her condition, although it comes just before a new TV documentary about the singer – set to premiere Friday on Netflix – that will reportedly highlight some of her health concerns. But one thing is already clear: the disease does, at times, pull the rug out from under the performer's best-laid plans. "The pain and disability seen in fibromyalgia is typically worse than almost any other chronic pain condition," explained Dr. Daniel Clauw. He ... Read more

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Addictive Opioids Common for People on Dialysis

Posted 21 Sep 2017 by

THURSDAY, Sept. 21, 2017 – Kidney dialysis patients in the United States have high rates of prescriptions for opioid painkillers and many also receive high doses of the potentially addictive drugs, a new study finds. Pain is common in dialysis patients, the study authors explained in a news release from the American Society of Nephrology. But these patients can't take certain drugs because their failing kidneys can't process them. This makes pain control difficult. For the new study, researchers reviewed Medicare data from 2006 through 2010. The investigators found that nearly two-thirds of dialysis patients received at least one opioid prescription every year. More than 20 percent received repeated prescriptions. In addition, more than 25 percent of patients given opioid prescriptions received higher-than-recommended doses. The use of opioids was associated with increased risks of ... Read more

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9 of 10 Docs Unprepared to Prescribe Marijuana

Posted 19 Sep 2017 by

TUESDAY, Sept. 19, 2017 – Although it's becoming more commonplace, medical marijuana is rarely discussed in U.S. medical schools, a new study shows. "Medical education needs to catch up to marijuana legislation," said senior author Dr. Laura Jean Bierut, a professor of psychiatry at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. "Physicians in training need to know the benefits and drawbacks associated with medical marijuana so they know when or if, and to whom, to prescribe the drug," she explained in a school news release. Marijuana is now legal – at least for medical purposes – in more than half the states in the country, the researchers said. Curriculum deans at 101 medical schools completed surveys about marijuana education. Just over two-thirds said their graduates weren't prepared to prescribe medical marijuana. One-quarter said their graduates weren't even able to ... Read more

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No Easy Road Back for Ebola Survivors

Posted 7 Sep 2017 by

THURSDAY, Sept. 7, 2017 – The vast majority of people who survive an infection with the Ebola virus struggle with ongoing disabilities, including significant limitations in thinking, vision and the ability to move, new research shows. Scientists from the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine and the University of Liverpool checked to see how a group of 27 Ebola survivors was doing 12 months after discharge from the Ebola Survivors Clinic in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Their health was compared with 54 close contacts who weren't infected with the virus. The investigators found that 80 percent of those who survived the Ebola virus disease (EVD) outbreak faced health challenges for at least one year after being discharged from the hospital. The findings highlight the need for long-term rehabilitation for these patients, the researchers said. "We have demonstrated that a year following acute ... Read more

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Take the Back Pain Out of Backpacks

Posted 3 Sep 2017 by

SUNDAY, Sept. 3, 2017 – Backpacks can mean backaches for schoolchildren, but an orthopedic surgeon has advice for parents and kids about how to keep soreness at bay. "Parents should inspect their child's backpack from time to time," said Dr. Joshua Hyman of New York-Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital in New York City. Kids "often carry much more than they should, with extra shoes, toys, electronic devices and other unnecessary items," he explained in a hospital news release. Hyman suggests that before sending kids off to school, parents should follow these backpack safety tips: Be a weight-watcher. According to Hyman, backpacks shouldn't weigh more than 15 percent of a kid's body weight. That's the equivalent of 7 pounds for a 50-pound child. Lighten the load. If you feel that your child is weighed down by too many textbooks, talk to the teacher about whether any can be ... Read more

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How You Think About Your Arthritis Makes a Difference

Posted 24 Aug 2017 by

THURSDAY, Aug. 24, 2017 – How well you cope with knee arthritis depends a lot on your mental outlook, a new study suggests. Despite often-debilitating pain, people who remain confident in their ability to move about end up more active than their less confident peers, researchers found. Studies have shown that physical activity may be one of the best ways to reduce and manage symptoms of osteoarthritis. The Pennsylvania State University study was based on 135 adults with knee arthritis. "On days when patients felt more confident in their ability to be active, they indeed took more steps and spent more time in moderate-intensity activity, despite their level of pain that day," said study lead author Ruixue Zhaoyang. What's more, "this positive effect of patients' confidence on their actual physical activity was found for patients with varying degrees of pain in the morning," added ... Read more

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Patients' Hearing Loss May Mean Poorer Medical Care

Posted 24 Aug 2017 by

THURSDAY, Aug. 24, 2017 – Many seniors may not hear everything their doctors tell them, new research suggests, and that could raise the risk of medical errors. "In our study of 100 patients 60 and older, 43 reported mishearing a doctor or nurse in an inpatient or community health care setting, lending vulnerability to unintended error," said researcher Simon Smith, from the University College Cork School of Medicine, in Ireland. Earlier research has found that improved communication between doctors, nurses and families could prevent 36 percent of medical errors, Smith added. The problem is not just a matter of doctors speaking louder. "The ability to separate speech from background noise is more intricate than volume alone," he explained. Often hearing tests don't capture the complexity of how patients process medical information, and hearing aids may not be the answer, Smith said. The ... Read more

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'Smart' Underwear May Help Prevent Back Pain

Posted 11 Aug 2017 by

FRIDAY, Aug. 11, 2017 – Mechanized "smart" undergarments may be the answer to back pain, according to researchers. The Vanderbilt University engineers have created an undergarment that eases stress on the low back and activates only when a wearer needs it. "I'm sick of Tony Stark [the fictional Iron Man] and Bruce Wayne [Batman's alter ego] being the only ones with performance-boosting supersuits. We, the masses, want our own," Karl Zelik, principal investigator on the project, quipped in a university news release. "The difference is that I'm not fighting crime. I'm fighting the odds that I'll strain my back this week trying to lift my 2-year-old." That same kind of back strain got the assistant professor of mechanical engineering thinking about wearable tech solutions. Made of nylon canvas, Lycra, polyester and other materials, the "smart" underwear feels and behaves like regular ... Read more

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As Many as 1 in 3 Experience New or Worse Pain With Yoga

Posted 3 Aug 2017 by

THURSDAY, Aug. 3, 2017 – Many people try yoga hoping to heal an injury, but some wind up with more aches and pains, a new study finds. The study, which surveyed hundreds of people doing yoga for more than a year, found that two-thirds said that some existing aches improved because of yoga – most often, lower back and neck pain. On the other hand, 21 percent said yoga worsened their muscle or joint pain. And almost 11 percent said it caused new issues – most commonly, pain in the hand, wrist, elbow or shoulder. The study didn't delve into specific injuries, but instead asked people about general aches in different body areas. So it's hard to know how serious the problems were, said Tom Swain, a researcher with the Center for Injury Sciences at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. "You don't have to sustain a serious injury to have pain. It could just be sore muscles," said Swain, ... Read more

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Americans Taking More Prescription Drugs Than Ever: Survey

Posted 3 Aug 2017 by

THURSDAY, Aug. 3, 2017 – A new survey finds 55 percent of Americans regularly take a prescription medicine – and they're taking more than ever. Those who use a prescription drug take four, on average, and many also take over-the-counter drugs, vitamins and other dietary supplements, the survey done by Consumer Reports shows. But many of those pills may be unnecessary and might do more harm than good, according to a special report in the September issue of Consumer Reports magazine. Among those who take prescription drugs, 53 percent get them from more than one health care provider, which increases the risk of adverse drug effects. More than a third say no provider has reviewed their medicines to see if all are necessary. Forty-nine percent of survey respondents who regularly take prescription medicine asked their prescribers whether they could stop taking a drug, and 71 percent were ... Read more

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