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In a U.S. First, Baby Is Delivered From Womb Transplanted From Deceased Donor

Posted 10 days ago by

TUESDAY, July 9, 2019 – Doctors at the Cleveland Clinic announced that they've achieved a first in North America: delivering a baby from a uterus that had been transplanted from a deceased donor. The healthy baby girl was delivered by C-section in June. This is only the second time such a delivery has happened worldwide, the first having occurred in Brazil in December. "We couldn't have asked...

When It Comes to Treating Infertility, Race, Education and Income Matter

Posted 28 Jun 2019 by

FRIDAY, June 28, 2019 – If you struggle with infertility, chances are you will be twice as likely to get treatment for the heartbreaking condition if you are white, college-educated or affluent. So claims a new study that analyzed data from more than 2,500 women aged 20 to 44 who took part in the U.S. National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey between 2013 and 2016. Nearly 12.5% of the...

Fertility Treatment Tied to Deadly Heart Problem in Pregnancy: Study

Posted 28 May 2019 by

TUESDAY, May 28, 2019 – The risk of a pregnancy-related type of heart failure is five times higher for women who undergo fertility treatment than those who conceive naturally, a new study says. The condition is called peripartum cardiomyopathy (PPCM). It affects about 1 in 1,000 pregnant women worldwide and is life-threatening to the mother and baby. This study included 111 women with PPCM and...

What Couples Considering IVF Need to Know

Posted 1 May 2019 by

WEDNESDAY, May 1, 2019 – In vitro fertilization (IVF) is widely used in the United States to help infertile couples have children. But there are a number of things people should know when considering it, an infertility specialist says. "Many factors … can affect the success of an IVF cycle, but many people view IVF as their safety net that ensures they can have a child anytime," said Dr. Rashmi K...

Health Tip: Infertility 101

Posted 29 Apr 2019 by

-- For many people, an infertility diagnosis is overwhelming. Infertility is characterized by the failure to have a pregnancy after 12 months of regular, unprotected sex, says the National Infertility Association. For a person or couple facing infertility, there are many options. Depending on the situation, adoption, donors, treatment and surrogacy can be considered. Check with your doctor for...

Gender Pay Gap Significant Among Infertility Doctors

Posted 4 Apr 2019 by

THURSDAY, April 4, 2019 – In the medical world of baby-making, males rule. A new study finds that female obstetrician-gynecologists who specialize in reproductive endocrinology and infertility get paid far less than their male colleagues. Researchers at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus note that far more women than men go into obstetrics-gynecology in the United States, but...

Could Male Twin's Fetal Testosterone Bring Lasting Harm to His Sister?

Posted 18 Mar 2019 by

MONDAY, March 18, 2019 – Having a twin brother could put a woman at a lasting disadvantage, and exposure to his testosterone before birth may play a role, a new study suggests. Researchers analyzed data on 13,800 twin births in Norway between 1967 and 1978. Compared to women with a twin sister, those with a twin brother were 15 percent less likely to finish high school and nearly 4 percent less...

Common Household Chemicals Harm Sperm in Both Men and Dogs

Posted 12 Mar 2019 by

TUESDAY, March 12, 2019 – Two chemicals found in household products and food could harm male fertility in both dogs and people, U.K. researchers say. The chemicals are the plasticizer DEHP – used in products such as carpets, flooring, upholstery, clothes, wires and toys – and the industrial chemical polychlorinated biphenyl 153 (PCB153). Even though it is banned worldwide, PCB153 is still...

Health Tip: Raise Your Chances of Having a Baby

Posted 19 Feb 2019 by

-- Infertility affects about 1 in 10 couples that are trying to have a baby, the U.S. National Institutes of Health says. Advancing age is a prime cause of infertility, but there are other factors that are more under a person's control, the agency says, including: Alcohol consumption. Smoking. Environmental toxins, including pesticides and lead. Certain medicines. Radiation treatment and...

Fertility Treatments Don't Raise Cancer Risk for Offspring

Posted 6 Feb 2019 by

WEDNESDAY, Feb. 6, 2019 – All expectant parents worry, and for those undergoing fertility treatments, there are additional concerns about the health of their child. But a new study finds one less thing they need to stress over – their children don't appear to be at greater risk of cancer than other children. "These results provide reassuring evidence that children conceived as a result of...

Fertility Treatments Tied to Higher Odds for Pregnancy Complications

Posted 4 Feb 2019 by

MONDAY, Feb. 4, 2019 – Women who've had fertility treatments – especially in vitro fertilization – may be at higher risk for serious pregnancy complications, a new study suggests. Still, it's not clear if the treatments cause the hike in risk, and the benefits of IVF far outweigh any obstetric dangers, the study's Canadian authors said. "It is important to remember that the absolute number of...

Uterus 'Scratching' Technique Won't Boost Fertility Treatment Success

Posted 24 Jan 2019 by

WEDNESDAY, Jan. 23, 2019 – An add-on procedure sometimes used before in-vitro fertilization won't increase a couple's chances of having a baby, according to a new study. The technique is called endometrial scratching. A thin plastic tube is inserted into the uterus through the cervix and a small sample of tissue is taken from the lining of the uterus (endometrium). "It was thought that the...

IVF Won't Cause Birth Complications: Study

Posted 22 Jan 2019 by

TUESDAY, Jan. 22, 2019 – "Test tube" babies are more likely to be premature and have a low birth weight, but it's unlikely that assisted reproductive technology is the reason why, researchers say. Their findings challenge the widely held belief that procedures such as freezing embryos, the delayed fertilization of eggs and hormonal treatments lead to these problems. "These findings will reassure...

Baby Boom or Baby Bust? What Nation-by-Nation Population Trends Reveal

Posted 13 Nov 2018 by

TUESDAY, Nov. 13, 2018 – Birth rates are booming in 104 countries, but declining in 91 others, a new research reveals. The world's population has risen 197 percent since 1950, from 2.6 billion to 7.6 billion in 2017. Between 2007 and 2017, it grew by 87.2 million people a year, compared with 81.5 million a year from 1997 to 2007. In 1950, wealthy countries accounted for 24 percent of the global...

'Panic Parenting' Fear Drives Many Women to Freeze Eggs

Posted 2 Nov 2018 by

FRIDAY, Nov. 2, 2018 – Trying to avoid "panic parenting" is the reason why many single women freeze their eggs for non-medical reasons, a small new study suggests. Panic parenting refers to having a relationship just to have a baby. "Whilst the number of women freezing their eggs remains small, many more are now considering this option as a way of extending the window of time they have to pursue...

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