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Recovery from recent sepsis/septicaemia?

Posted 10 Nov 2017 by Spicarama 1 answer

I was admitted into ER with abscesses in my abdomen which were infected. She. They operated to drain abdomen an ovary burst and I went into septic shock, a coma for 12 days and put on life support in ICU. Stayed in hospital for one month and a half. Serious cognitive difficulties and no memory of ...

Provera - Been on my period for 19 days?

Posted 31 Oct 2017 by CarleynLA 0 answers

I'm 48 years old and having irregular periods with blood clots. I was prescribed provera 10 mg for 10 days but afraid to take it bc I've had abnormal pap smears and have a cyst on my left ovary. What should I do?

One of the sypmtoms listed for back pain on your site ( weight loss, chills, urinary issues)?

Posted 11 Sep 2017 by ChrysOb 0 answers

I have chronic pain which we thought we had narrowed down to me not having my menstral cyle due to my only ovary that has a cyst causing in to be so inflamed it is pushing on my intestines causing chronic constipation (which is ironic cuz I have always had IBS). I have been this way for a year now ...

Why does Nexplanon stop your period?

Posted 7 Mar 2017 by Destiny94 2 answers

So I stopped having a period almost a year ago due to Nexplanon, I'm not concerned or anything because it's common, but why does it stop? Is I'd i because it stops an egg from going into the ovary or? Just want to know if this means that it's practialy impossible for me to be ...

Do periods always restart with using Angeliq? I have had none for nearly 9 years. Don't want them?

Posted 29 Mar 2017 by Jam62 0 answers

I went into menopause at 46 when I had an ovary removed. Hot sweats and every other symptom seem to be getting worse now. I thought after nearly 9 years it would be close to stopping and going away. :( :(

Pain on side where my ovary has been removed during period?

Posted 6 Dec 2016 by pico1631 1 answer

hi im new to this site and have a question hopefully someone can help. i had my left ovary removed in august then had both tubes removed also in nov, now have multiple cysts on the other good ovary, my question is why am i having severe pain on the side where i have no ovary on my period.

Why do I bleed and have right ovary pain after 5 years of going through menopause?

Posted 22 Oct 2016 by Irish55 1 answer

I bleed and have right ovary pain and I have been menopause for 5 years. I have had a pap and ultra sound and both came back normal?

Premarin - Help I suffer from burning sensation threw my body?

Posted 22 Jul 2016 by Juanitia 0 answers

I am 43 I had a hysterectomy 10 years ago and had one ovary removed . I have been on Premarin for 10 months it settled my night sweats and my burning . But my burning sensation has come back . I am now taking the 06.25 dose and it's not helping . What else can I try to relieve these problems .

What should I expect after ovary removal?

Posted 20 Sep 2016 by symphanybrae 0 answers

Hi! So next month I'm having my left ovary removed and I just wanted to know what to expect after the surgery. How often will I ovulate? Will I not have regular periods every month? Typically how long will it take for my menstrual cycle to go back to normal if at all? Thank you!

I have been on implanon, since 2011, and I have been getting it every 3 years, since then, but?

Posted 23 Jul 2016 by SorchaF2 1 answer

... lately i got an ovarian cyst, and had stomach pain, and lower back pain for years, and i recently had the ovarian cyst, and the ovary removed. i dont know about staying on it would affect my other ovary or not. can you please help me

Persistent Lower abdominal/ovary pain - on the pill for 1 year?

Posted 15 Jun 2016 by Charlie19998 0 answers

I have been on the pill (estelle 35 ED) for a bit over a year now. About 5 days ago I finished my period however since then I have been experiencing persistent lower abdomen/ ovary pain. This also happened a bit last month. Except this month I have also had the pains accompanied with pain during ...

Medroxyprogesterone - I don't know if I should be worried or not, please help?

Posted 15 Jun 2015 by BeccaBabi3 1 answer

I haven't had my mentsrual cycle since last November and my doctor diagnosed me with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome so my doctor prescribed me provera for ten days and it's been thirteen days now and I've still haven't had my menstrual cycle, is there a problem and should I call my ...

I'm on birth control because I have an ovarian cyst I haven't got my period?

Posted 15 Feb 2016 by Priscilla_jay 0 answers

I'm not sexually active although I do mess around with my boyfriend like grinding naked. I've been on birth control for almost 1 month. I found out I had a cyst in my ovary so the gynecologist prescribed me birth control to see if the cyst dissolves before surgery. I'm a little ...

Depo-Provera - its gonna be two months in a week that I came off the depo shot, last week and today?

Posted 23 Jan 2016 by yamyax 1 answer

... i had what looks like "tan discharge"can easily pass as a pale pink as well, barely noticeable. ONLY when i wipe is there followed by and odd feeling on my right side "ovary" perhaps? not sure. Have been sexualy active with my husband trusting the fact that is hightly ...

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