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Should I take Ocuvite adult 50+ and thera tears eye nutrition?

Posted 19 Mar 2018 by grantpcity 0 answers

One of my eye examiner recommended Ocuvite and another eye Dr. told me to take thera tears.

Total Parenteral Nutrition - I've been on TPN FOR 4 years now due to Severe Crohn's Disease and?

Posted 21 Jan 2017 by Enchanted13 0 answers

... Short Bowel Syndrome. I've been very ill this whole time and can't keep anything down. Whether I just have fluids or take nothing by mouth, I still vomit everyday and most days multiple times. Because of that I keep losing weight. My Portacath is now starting to come through my skin ...

PICC Line - My husband recently had a pic line inserted due to his weight loss and massive muscle?

Posted 22 Nov 2016 by vicki2016 1 answer

... wasting. My husband is getting TPN as nutrition 24/7 for 30 days straight to build him up! However, after only two days of the pic line and TPN the pump and battery failed!!! Are you kidding me!!! Is it common for pic lines to have pump and battery failures, or was this just a one time ...

Does Thick-It contain any fiber?

Posted 12 Jan 2017 by Excalibur ll 0 answers

I've tried their web site but my security flashes all kinds of warning about their site. As an oral cancer survivor and a retired RPh viscosity is important when I drink my nutrition. I've been thinking about using Metamucil instead as a fiber substitute as well.

I have been gaining weight since I started midodrine is this a side effect. I have been following a?

Posted 10 Nov 2016 by carlamgarcia1 0 answers

... nutrition and exercise routine for months and it is not helping. does anyone else have that issue?

Total Parenteral Nutrition - I am in my fourth of 12 weeks of TPN following major bowel surgery?

Posted 19 Mar 2016 by hc1118 0 answers

... In this fourth week I get chills for about an hour after starting each night. I have tried leaving the bag out of the fridge to let it get closer to room temperature, but that hasn't helped much. Any suggestions?

Total Parenteral Nutrition - Having had 5 months in hospital, I now find I have to have TPN 6 nights

Posted 15 Mar 2016 by Liz342 0 answers

... a week, I want to go on holiday in the UK for one week in May and to date, my nursing suppliers have said that they are unable to provide me with a nurse to set up the feeds.. What can I do about this, any help, advice, support would be great. Thank you. Liz

I am having 3rd osteoarthritis surgery (knee, feet) Is there a prevention, nutrition, etc for this?

Posted 8 Oct 2015 by woodstork 1 answer

... I had knee replacement 5 yrs ago, this year 2 foot surgeries, have osteo in my hands. I am 69 yrs old. Any help appreciated

Total Parenteral Nutrition - TPN after major surgery?

Posted 24 Mar 2015 by Annie1811 1 answer

My dad has just had his small and large intestine removed, as a result of calcification of the vessels. He's never smoked, isn't a diabetic and he is a very fit and active 59 year old. They believe it is the result of radiotherapy he received 35 years ago for testicular cancer. This has ...

Birth Control - Will fat metabolizers from holand and Barret affect taking loestrin 30?

Posted 10 Dec 2014 by amy232 1 answer

I want to start taking Fat Metabolisers from nutrition headquarters (holland and Barret) but will it stop loestrin 30 from working

Need some help please,my fiance has Dysphagia?

Posted 28 Sep 2014 by blue4diamonds 1 answer

He can not eat or drink it is becoming impossible, he is waiting to get a CT scan than after he will have his esophagus widened but in the meantime he needs some nutrition we do try boost but sometimes that does not work. Is there anything he can do to get something in him?

Can antidepressants affect the bodies ability to absorb nutrients?

Posted 12 Feb 2014 by h0pe2c0pe 1 answer

My wife has been fighting depression, migraines, and asthma for years. It is only getting worse. We added some B vitamins years ago to help with asthma, and they helped. Some magnesium citrate for migraines, and Vitamin D,and folic acid for depression. She also has Acid re-flux, and has taken ...

If you should stop taking the Glucophage(2X500mg per day) for some days in order to have CT scanner?

Posted 26 Nov 2013 by mariavm 2 answers

... and another CT,lets say for a period of a week, please tell me what nutrition would have? My father is in this situation now and I m thinking of giving him only proteins(such as chicken breast) for these days

Total Parenteral Nutrition - anyone heard that using TPN for years is bad for your liver?

Posted 15 Feb 2013 by lynnolden 2 answers

Have any of you been told by your nutritionist that using TPN long term is bad and will destroy your liver?

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