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New Daily Persistent Headache Questions

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Chronic migraines and daily chronic headaches?

Posted 7 Mar 2013 by jcjackson82 12 answers

I have been having chronic migraines and chronic daily headaches for almost 15 years now. I started having them right after i had my first son and the dr's cant find nothing. I have a migraine/headache everyday allday. I have had lots of MRI's, catscans, everything. I have been on all ...

Does Nortriptyline cause dizziness and mess with vision and stomach?

Posted 7 Oct 2012 by madnickq 7 answers

Hello. I have been taking Nortriptyline on and off for about 10 months now for Panic/anxiety, depression, and chronic daily headaches. I only take 10mg at bedtime. The most I have ever taken was 25mg. I am SUPER sensitive to medications and have tried 13 different antidepressants but could not ...

New Daily Persistent Headache - I have had a headache 24 X 7 since 1993?

Posted 31 Jan 2010 by doppdl 12 answers

... This occurred after I had a brain hemorrhage. Does anyone have any tips to minimize the daly pain and frustration that comes with this?

Can being on amitriptyline and citalopram make my mood worse?

Posted 29 May 2017 by Midnight Star 2 answers

I've always had a bad history of chronic daily headaches. To deal with pain I was placed on epilepsy and anti depressants as a child. I'm now 25 and still suffering from this headaches, I feel they are more intense the older I get. I have also been diagnosed with Bi Polar as my moods are ...

New Daily Persistent Headache - I have terrible chronic daily h/a. I have chronic migraines also,?

Posted 23 May 2013 by crystal b 4 answers

... plus o ne clipped aneurysm and one not touched. I have suffered for 8 years with no relief. I have been on numerous different meds , no help. If there is anyone with an idea I would love to hear it. thank you

Headache - article stating that botox gives little relief for migraines is misleading?

Posted 30 May 2012 by sara12345 4 answers

The article also says, "Kornel said that the review showed that there is definitely some benefit from Botox for those with chronic migraine and chronic daily headache." The study compares relief from Botox vs. various daily preventative medications. For those of us who cannot tolerate or ...

PTSD - Does anyone else deal with chronic daily headache from PTSD, how do you treat them?

Posted 17 May 2011 2 answers

Short on time, but I will add what meds I am on later today if I can..

I have had headaches, migraine and chronic daily headaches lately. (And many repetitions for a?

Posted 22 Nov 2014 by mattjiva 2 answers

... long time.) Does anyone here believe in botox? I think it is a huge, dangerous experiment. Most importantly, does anything actually work for this? I take Corgard, but also tylenol and advil constantly. My current doctor wants to get me off the analgesics using dhe injections I will give ...

HELP URGENT I am on these meds they say I failed my drug test are they wrong?

Posted 8 Dec 2010 by Monkeyballs 2 answers

LAMOTRIGINE 150 mg 1x daily 60 MG 1 tid AMPHETAMINE SALTS 60mg daily CYMBALTA 60Mg 1x daily LORAZEPAM 1Mg 1 x daily Keppra 250Mg 3x daily Elivil 10 Mg 2x daily they are how do i find out what they are saying is not true. Test results Flag Reference Range ETG -151 ng/ml Negative CUTOFF 500 500 ...

Does Keppra xr do any better than reg. keppra?

Posted 28 Aug 2013 by Nova66 2 answers

My seziures started may 8,2009 and had to quit working. I have partial and grandmaul. I've been tried on several meds for this. The meds I was on within the first year made me extreamly sick. loosing 40lbs. in the first month kinda. Although the first Nuro Doc I saw changed meds on me every ...

Do I have to stop taking tramadol??

Posted 11 Apr 2018 by elisir 1 answer

Hi group. Does anyone have some advice for me? I was prescribed tramadol 4 years ago by my previous GP for severe migraine and chronic daily headache (first diagnosed in 2012). The migraine meds (sumatriptan / rizatriptan) don't help much. Anyway, I have relocated and my new GP wants me off ...

New Daily Persistent Headache?

Posted 25 Jan 2015 by NikeAirFrce1 1 answer

I have been diagnosed with New Daily Persistent Headache recently. I have had a lot of migraneous features along with typically an 8 out of 10 headache for over 1 year. I recently had the inpatient DHE treatment which luckily did work. It has been just over 1 day from the treatment, and my body ...

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