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One day I randomly felt a pop by my left temple, and now have had a constant headache for years?

Posted 4 May 2018 by frankearnest 0 answers

White Male, early 20s, no drug abuse, sexual activity, or anything like that. The doctor says I have a cyst by my left temple/left eye, but it's 'non-causal.' I've done imaging and dye imaging, and many tests, but they don't actually see anything besides extra spinal fluid ...

Lyme Disease - Neurologic - I am getting treatment of antibiotics IV my standing up is harder to do?

Posted 23 Jan 2016 by ninbus69 0 answers

... as my knees shake and have trouble with my weight i am only 94kg and memory is getting worse also. i am in pain and just want help from the doctors in Australia bur they say i have lymes but won't treat it. i feel like I should just go on the freeway at top speed and slam into the bridge ...

Im running out of my meds and Im scared?

Posted 19 Jan 2013 by Tee6759 15 answers

I take 60mg of Buspar a day. With money being so tight, I had to cut my Buspar to 30mg per day. I will still run out a week before I can get them. I can feel a big difference in my reactions to stressors. My anxiety is going off the chart. My headaches have come back with a vengeance. Ive also had ...

Screenwriter needs your help researching about medical conditions?

Posted 16 Oct 2015 by nickthescript 1 answer

Hello and thank you for your time reading this. I am writing a feature film screenplay, where main character is suffering concrete medical conditions, which is essential for story development. Lack of my medical knowledge do not allow me to be accurate and I would like to hear your thought if a ...

What neurological issue might I have?

Posted 25 May 2015 by aviator27j 1 answer

Sometimes when getting up to start walking, starting from a stop, or various sudden starts I have a few seconds of muscle tension on one side of my body or the other (particularly face and hands) and after that it returns to normal. I know from experience when it may happen (like I stated) so I can ...

Have to wean off from Lyrica, experiencing blue moods & depression, will this go once I've tapered?

Posted 27 Jul 2012 by Tee6759 13 answers

Hello everyone. Im doing fair. Here is my problem. I had been put on Lyrica for 2 months at 300mg per day. When I went to my PM doctor, he doubled my dose and I was taking it 2x a day. I started having double vision, dizzy, woozy, and felt like I was totally out of control. I told the doctor and ...

Neurologic Disorder - I have pain in my leg for more than 6 months?

Posted 6 Jun 2013 by ethans 1 answer

its a pain that started long time ego its either a nerve my first medicine was vitamin b complex then ligaba 75g

I need advice from my Friends?

Posted 10 Feb 2013 by Tee6759 14 answers

Hey Everyone, I have begun to have some horrible flares and its really affecting my legs more than anything else. I had RLS years ago, but this really feels different. When I try walking, its like thousands of stinging nettles wrapped around my legs. Talk about PAIN!! It makes me crazier than I ...

Need advice on chronic headaches & depression from my DC family?

Posted 6 Sep 2012 by Tee6759 11 answers

Dear Friends, I'm at my wits end. Ever since my doctor changed my migraine prevention (due to $$$), in the past few weeks my headaches have gotten worse. I was on Topamax then changed to Propranalol. She has me on Celexa for depression. I'm maxed out on both meds. My depression is getting ...

Ear problems-can you help?

Posted 25 Nov 2012 by meyati 2 answers

I've had tinnitus since I was in first grade. At times I have balance problems, vertigo, mostly caused by meds-acetaminophen simulates an inner ear infection-which I've had. The navy said that I had diver's ear. I also surfed, and liked to do laps beyond the surf-swimming parallel to ...

New to osteoarthritis and nerve pain?

Posted 13 Jul 2012 by Tee6759 4 answers

I was recently diagnosed with a bad case of osteoarthritis in my left shoulder. The doctor thinks there may be nerve damage. I did have severe inflammation in my upper arm that would drop me to my knees. I'm going thru some more tests in a week. I've never experienced anything like this ...

I do apologize for asking so many Q's in two days gang! I've a BIG problem, my pain has gotten to?

Posted 28 Apr 2012 25 answers

the point of the ridiculous. I've fibro, but that is not all that is going on here, it can't be!! My legs (and other body parts at times) sting, burn, cramp, and other assorted weird pains. My doc is a great guy, and has worked with me the entire time. Yet, I need to know, what type of ...

Does anybody know what it means by "sleep problems" for a concussion?

Posted 25 Aug 2012 by meyati 8 answers

I'm wondering. My house was robbed a few weeks ago. I was installing a camera when I climbed a ladder too high-straightened up and cracked my head pretty hard on an over hang. If I had a concussion, it was masked by fever, coughing, runny nose like a little kid, and diarrhea, because we all ...

Help from my fibro friends please?

Posted 24 May 2012 by Tee6759 15 answers

For the past several months, I've gone into a chronic stage of fibro. What is most affected are my arms. My right one is not quite as bad. I have pain that shoots down the muscle all the way down my arm. It doesn't last long. My left arm is so much worse. I can barely use it at times. It ...

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