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Side Effect - I am taking nebivolol as well as amlodipine for BP. Amongst the listed side-effects?

Posted 18 Oct 2014 by aksingh 1 answer

... I am getting weird dreams by using BOTH these drugs (confirmed when taking each individually). I need to know by means of confirmatory literature: 1. what is the exact mechanism by which these dreams occur. 2. what is the long term effect on neurological or other conditions by taking these ...

Atenolol switch to nebivolol?

Posted 7 Jan 2014 by aamamc 2 answers

I've switched from atenolol to nebivolol. Just curious if anyone else is on nebivolol, and what kind of reactions, side effects have you experienced?

Anyone experience heartburn symptoms with beta blockers. I take bystolic (nebivolol) and have been?

Posted 2 Feb 2014 by aamamc 1 answer

... getting heartburn. I read beta blockers can cause this until you adjust. I just switched from atenolol about a month ago

Is the nebivolol cytoprotective drug?

Posted 28 Jan 2014 by irfan haider 1 answer

What is the difference between carvedilol, nebivolol, and metoprolol?

Posted 12 Jan 2013 by OR_Nightingale 1 answer

I have been taking atenolol for about 35 years for apical hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Due to articles I have read recently, I want to change to a different beta blocker, but don't understand the differences, except that carvedilol and nebivolol are vasodilators. I had some minor trouble with ...

Are generics as good as original drugs?

Posted 13 Oct 2013 by JimMixon 2 answers

I want to change from Bystolic to the generic Nebivolol because my Medicare covers the cost.

Has anyone taken Bystolic (nebivolol) for heart palpitations?

Posted 7 Dec 2011 by Ninakusbel 4 answers

I was prescribed Bystolic (nebivolol) to help with heart palpitations.

For hypertension, for many years I have taken Irbesartan, Lercanidpine HCl and Nebivolol. In the pa?

Posted 2 Mar 2013 by jonazel 1 answer

For hypertension, for many years I have taken Irbesartan, Lercanidipine HCl and Nebivolol. In the past year I have reduced my weight from 98 to 86 kg by exercise and less food. Since December 2012 I have been using Ganfort eyedrops for glaucoma, which contain Timolol. Is this additional ...

Can I stop taking moxovas while taking nebivolol?

Posted 5 Sep 2011 by zeehal 1 answer

eversince I started taking moxovas 0.2 at night my sleep has reduced. I also take Nebivolol 5mg twice a day along with other blood pressure mediicines.can stop taking moxovas.

Does anyone who takes nebivolol had any success with it lowering your blood pressure.If so how long?

Posted 29 Dec 2011 by cynyce 1 answer

... did it take to see any changes with your pressure

Can Cardizem LA be replaced with Cardizem CD?

Posted 8 Jan 2011 by q405801 1 answer

My physician changed the dose of my Cardizem (LA) from 420 mg to 120 mg and added nebivolol, but rather than write LA, he wrote Cardizem CD. Are these products interchangeable?

My 57 year old husband takes Nebivolol HCL 10 mg. and Lisinopril/hcl 12.5. Can he take Viagra ?

Posted 9 Feb 2010 by theffner921 4 answers

He has high blood pressure which effects sexual performance.

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