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I began taking Erivedge 6 days ago. How soon can I expect side effects - hair loss, muscle cramps?

Posted 11 days ago by tschambers 0 answers

I began taking Erivedge 6 days ago for infiltrative, locally advanced BCC on my scalp. So far, I have felt a little tired and have had diarrhea. However, in doing research on the drug, I am aware that other side effects are associated with it... such as muscle cramps, joint pain, hair loss, changes ...

Prolia - I have had 2 shots and have pain and muscle cramps in my legs. The worst part is "dry?

Posted 16 Nov 2016 by Misty92084 1 answer

... mouth". I feel like I have a film on my teeth and am constantly running my tongue over the teeth. It's driving me and my family crazy as I'm also sucking my cheeks and trying to remove the scum. I see my dentist regularly and when I told her about the side effects, she said she ...

Are there severe cases of fibromyalgia that causes severe muscle cramps etc?

Posted 4 Mar 2014 2 answers

I've have fibromyalgia a long time but i have developed so many symptoms/problems that involve all of my muscles. Is it common or have other people with Fibromyalgia later developed any severe muscle problems such as cramps, spasms,tremors, muscle weakness and places that become ...

Muscle Spasm - I have had muscle cramps left side of neck for 8 months now. had cat scan ultrasound?

Posted 13 Aug 2014 by dakmaknk 2 answers

... and tried 3 types of muscle relaxors. nothing found and meds do nothing. Neck cramp then makes head twitch. goes into shoulder and arm. Aching in shoulder blade. happens 4 to 5 times a day. when cramps start sometimes it feel line my chest is heavy and pressure on my throat. doc is at a loss. ...

Should I take spironolacton along with lasix?

Posted 26 Jul 2016 by Nearvar 1 answer

I take both medicaitons at night and nightly I have muscle cramps and spasims. Could this be the cause? Taking both meds.

I started having severe muscle cramps/pain in one leg and foot as soon as I began taking Rapaflo.?

Posted 17 Jun 2016 by Rdodger 0 answers

... Is this common? Is there a fix, short of stopping the med?

54 year old man with severe body pain?

Posted 5 Mar 2016 by bunkysgirl36 1 answer

My 54 year old husband is suffering from all over body pain, he gets muscle cramps in his legs that go into his chest, when he walks, body trembles, been to neurologist, rheumatologist, spine doctor, primary care physician. Been suffering for over 3 years cant get a straight answer from anyone, and ...

Otezla - Muscle cramps?I'm on my 7 day and I'm having muscle cramps in my calves. Is this normal? I?

Posted 9 Dec 2015 by Softaildiver 1 answer

I'm on my 7 day and I'm having muscle cramps in my calves. Is this normal? I have migraines so it's hard to tell if my headaches now are from otezla! No nausea so far but going to bathroom often. I just came off humira so I'm praying this works. I can't tell if it's ...

Muscle Cramp - Can mirtazipine or Amytriptyline cause leg cramps?

Posted 28 Feb 2015 by Jwmody 1 answer

I've been having extremely painful cramps in my feet, ankles, calves and thighs in the middle of the night now for about 6 weeks. I take 50mg of amitriptyline and 40 mg of mirtazipine at night before going to bed. Can those drugs be causing the cramps?

Is cramping a side effect of prednisone?

Posted 28 Feb 2015 by dmorganwy 2 answers

I've been on various dosages of prednisone for 2.5 weeks now. This last run has been 40mg for 10 days and I'm tapering Thursday, Friday, today and tomorrow with 20mg. Thursday night my quads suddenly starting feeling very sore. Almost like cramping, but like I worked out too hard the day ...

So Im taking lisinopril with Norvasc as well as Zocor,and Im having swollen ankles muscle cramps?

Posted 28 Feb 2015 by Jon bp 1 answer

... , feeli like im going to pass out and at times and overall misery,my doctor is very dissmisive about it having anything to do with my meds and basically ignores what im saying ,im disgusted and ready to stop taking them all together lisinopril 10 mg twice a day Norvasc 10 mg a day and the Zocor ...

Waht is the rational behind the combination of magnesium oxide and vitamin E tablet?

Posted 5 Oct 2014 by rmk_kannan 1 answer

the combination indicated in preeclampsia and muscle cramps, and promoted in India by a pharma company

I am taking atovarstatin , I decided to check side effects I wonder if this could be causing mi mu?

Posted 24 Aug 2014 by joyceline 1 answer

i have muscle cramps during the night soometime as many as for times a night ,let me tell you they ar no small cramps sometimes icry it hurts so much ,and its not calf cramps it starts iin the ankles and they can last for ten minutes .I am 70 years old and i take different medication and i have ...

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