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Multiple Myeloma Questions

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Can Darzalex cure Multiple Myeloma?

Is Kyprolis (carfilzomib) a chemotherapy drug and how does it work?

Is Velcade a type of chemotherapy?

How long does Velcade stay in your body?

Is Darzalex chemotherapy?

How is Kyprolis (carfilzomib) administered?

How is Kyprolis (carfilzomib) given?

Can Venclexta be used for Multiple Myeloma?

How effective is Velcade for multiple myeloma?

What is Ninlaro used for?

What is Empliciti (elotuzumab)? and how does Empliciti work?

What type of drug is Empliciti?

Is is okay to drink a couple of beers occassionally while using Revlimid for maintenance for MM?

I just started Revlimid last week and had taken Velcade for 15 months prior without drinking anything alcoholic/ I am taking 10mg of Revlimid. I asked my doctor today and he suggested I ask Cellgene or go to their website and I can't find the answer. Thanks

Dexamethasone weight gain?

Anyone has any recommendation on keeping weigh off while on dexamethasone?

Daratumumab - Darzalex as a single agent?

I was diagnosed in 2015 and entered the tail end of the clinical trial drug for what became Empliciti. It is a second line drug that is paired with a protease inhibitor. I had no problem tolerating Empliciti. The other drugs worked well but i could not tolerate the side effects.... read more

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