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I learned that Mirapex is prescribed for treatment resistent depression - but my Psychiatrist...

Posted 18 days ago by TigerJoe4849 1 answer

... doesn’t use it (nor know of it). I am also having trouble obtaining psychiatrists at all. Does anyone know what other specialists would prescribe it for this type of depression? Neurologist, Internist? Etc?

Periodic Limb Movement Disorder - I have PLMD during the day and night with servere twitching and...

Posted 31 May 2018 by krissyelkins 0 answers

... it's getting worse with age. Having a difficult time finding medication like Mirapex to help over the years I've been on everything. No doctors where I live can help me. Us there anyone else experiencing this?

My husband took Mirapex for a long time. He was diagnosed with RLS. He started acting very out of?

Posted 26 Mar 2018 by Csandy8509 1 answer

character wanting to stay in bed all the time, on his computer for long periods of time. Long story short he did something that caused him to lose his job of 30 years. He was diagnosed with compulsive disorders. Has anyone ever felt like thiz drug took over their mind?

Pramipexole - Does Mirapex really work for depression?

Posted 28 Oct 2017 by Amy2715 2 answers

My doctor recently prescribed Mirapex for my severe, treatment resistant depression. I was wondering if anyone else had tried this and what the results were? Also were there any side effects? I’ve only been taking it for 5 days and have had some mild nausea but that’s it.

I started Mirapex about a week ago. 1st night I slept so well about the 3rd night I woke up with?

Posted 26 Nov 2017 by FrancieMac 1 answer

I started Mirapex about a week ago for restless leg syndrome. That is what my doctor thought my pain in the back of my knee was? The first night I slept so well, however about the 3rd night I woke up with severe pain in my upper thigh. Pain is increasing I need help getting out of bed and in and ...

Could Mirapex 0.5 cause dry painful eyes ?

Posted 11 Aug 2017 by Yula 1 answer

taking twice a day not on Prozac anymore for over 4 weeks

Does any of my meds cause unsteadiness and seeing things that aren't there especially at night or ?

Posted 21 Jul 2017 by Rudy091676 0 answers

I feel very unsteady and see shadows of things that aren't there. My depth perception is noticeably decreased.

Mirapex - Is it true that this drug is going to be stopped being manufactured?

Posted 25 May 2017 by Luvlylizzy 1 answer

Recently told that my pharmacy can't get hold of this anymore. Pramipexole has been a godsend for my RLS.

No Relief for RLS. I have tried Mirapex and Lyrica nothing works for me.

Posted 27 Mar 2017 by Severelysufferrls 4 answers

I am 52 years old. Severely ruined life with RLS. Equip didn't work. Mirapex did but caused severe side effects with shopping. I was on 1 mg. I am on Cymbalta 60 mg. I quit everything and thought I would try gabapentin and tramadol. That doesn't work either. My boyfriend will leave me if ...

I have been on Mirapex for 18 years. About6 months ago I noticed that the .5 x 3 per day wasn't gi?

Posted 18 May 2017 by Nana1951 1 answer

giving me any relief. I went to a new neurologist and he increased my dosage from 1.5 mg per day to as much as 6 mg per day. In the meantime I have had serious back issues with decreased strength in my legs. I had successful surgery and pt, but my legs feel like they are getting weaker and weaker. ...

Mirapex - what do you do about the hallucinations.. my mother is getting bad hallucinations she has?

Posted 20 Mar 2017 by diana taylor 1 answer

... been on the drug for at least 15 yrs. She is almost 99 but has all her faculities and she was in hopistal last week for virus since she came back to assistant living she is afraid to stay in her room because her visions have become worse they are both day and night. In the hospital they did not ...

I am taking MIRAPEX 1MG X2 Nightly. For RLS. I've already checked all the side effects to actually?

Posted 2 Feb 2017 by Ninny57 2 answers

Effects to see if I have any. I have too many to mention, but there's 1 health issue I'm having and I checked all the side effects and didn't see it their. But maybe I may have over looked it. I've been losing my hair for quite some time now, could this be a rare side effect ...

Is there anyone out there on a combination of Mirapex or Latuda WITH Parnate?

Posted 1 Jan 2017 by BRYAN68 1 answer

Is it possible to do this? I am not really certain and when I checked the drug interactions, they looked pretty similar to any other side effects you would read about for any medication combination. Thanks in advance

Does Azilect work well with Mirapex?

Posted 7 Jan 2017 by pointrocker 0 answers

Pramipexole - What is common dosage you are taking for Mirapex? or it's generic?

Posted 14 Apr 2016 by alpotigger 3 answers

My significant other has been taking Mirapex, or it generic form, for thirteen years. It has worked well for his severe Restless Leg Syndrome, though over the years he has had to take more and is now up to 7 mg a day. We have moved and our new providers feel strongly he is over dosing and there is ...

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