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Mild Cognitive Impairment Questions

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I have a friend that likes to chew on the fentanyl patch,how fast does that get into his blood?

Posted 29 Jun 2011 by loisl 13 answers

system?He chew the 75 mci patchs?

Hi friends and newbies, Is anyone having weird side effects from Gabapentin? Will this go away?

Posted 5 Feb 2013 by MacIntosh12 23 answers

I'm whipped into a frenzy and feel as if I may spin off into orbit at any moment. I also am experiencing cognitive problems, my memory is so bad that family members have actually noticed that lovely side effect. (watched a film last night and my hubby said that it was the second time we ...

Neurontin/gabapentin - have any of you adjusted to the side effects? It's working, though!!?

Posted 5 May 2013 by MacIntosh12 12 answers

Hi gang! My neuropathy has been Hair-On-Fire painful since the end of 2009, maybe earlier, to the point where Cemeteries looked comfortable, just kidding, guys! My doc (bless his heart!) just changed my dose and I'm just so thrilled to report that me twigs have been gradually getting a bit ...

Alternative drug to abilify?

Posted 2 Mar 2012 by jsmithmc 2 answers

I can not take Abilify. I get so dizzy like motion sickness and end up throwing up. I took 1 dose 5 mg and it was bad. I think it may be due to the 20 mg Aricept I take.

Martin has Lewy Bodies from Parkinsons Disease, he is on Carbidopa , Aricept, Azilect, Effexor?

Posted 22 Feb 2011 by ARTFOCUS 4 answers

Seroquel, Comtan and vitamins, D, Folic Acid, B12. He has become combative and sometime violent, danger to his caretakers and himself. What to do?

Mild Cognitive Impairment, is there a support group, what do aricept & Namenda do to the brain?

Posted 27 Jun 2011 by Weezie3318 3 answers

I have been diagnosed with Mild Cognitive Impairment. Have been searching for a support group that will help me. I am having a hard time dealing with the memory loss, forgetfulness, carelessness, being in the middle of a sentence and can't think of a word. I am only 59, the doc is calling it ...

Am I at risk of future decreased cognition?

Posted 24 Sep 2015 by healthegg3 4 answers

I take 1.5 to 2 mg of Alprazolam recreationally about 2-3 times a month. I am almost 19 and am an academia. I sometimes drink a beer or two with them but try not too because I know of the trouble that combination causes in forming new memories. Thank you!

Mild Cognitive Impairment - Has anyone had a spinal tap to check for Alzheimers?

Posted 29 May 2012 by bobostein 3 answers

I've got one scheduled in June.

Mild Cognitive Impairment - Hello to the MCI support group! I am looking to exchange with folks who?

Posted 12 Oct 2013 by Teslamirin 1 answer

... have MCI or whose loved ones have MCI. Do the 16 group members have MCI?

Mild Cognitive Impairment - Will MCI show on an MRI? Is it possible to have MCI before age 65? I?

Posted 19 Oct 2014 by digs 2 answers

... currently have constant pounding in my head, blurred vision in the morning and forget about meetings, and ask the same questions occasionally

Would neurontin be safe to use in a mild cognitive impairment/dementia patient with RA and spinal s?

Posted 22 Dec 2015 by Mommasmeds 2 answers

Stenosis currently on aricept, Zoloft, donepzil, methotrexate and SIMPONI aria?

Donepezil - Is Donepzil used to treat the effects of brain surgery? How might it help the patient?

Posted 14 Sep 2011 by Candy88 1 answer

... recover memory? How long might one expect to wait to see some improvement in memory and cognition? Can one expect better results at the higher doseage of 23 mgs. as opposed to 5 mgs.?Thanks for the feedback. No dx of Alzheimer's, just resection of inflamed area surrounding the hypothalmus.

Is it a all natural substitute for donepezil?

Posted 12 Jun 2014 by almos 1 answer

Will antidepressants help my cognitive function?

Posted 26 Jul 2015 by TypePassword 1 answer

I've had dysthymia for ten years, I was diagnosed five months ago, but an MD episode delayed treatment, my most prominent symptoms are cognitive impairment(very poor concentration, obliterated energy, poor memory, etc) I do have a depressed mood but it doesn't compare. My question is if ...

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