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Meperidine Questions

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I am coming down off of 40 mg of oxycodone that I have been on since surgery and I need help.

Posted 6 Sep 2017 by Douglaswallace 1 answer

I have had the same trouble with meperidine in the past and had to be put into rehab to detox but I want to do it naturally this time. Any help would be appreciated. I need to know how to do this naturally at home with any remedies. Can anyone help me?. Thanks. I am really having trouble here. I am ...

I had been taking gabopentin 400mg 4x/day and then I heard Lyrica had meridine in it and got you?

Posted 23 Mar 2017 by Wanna little help 1 answer

Meperidineine and got you high. The doc gave me 50 my Lyrica and my back still hurts from compression fractures and I sleep and I sleep a lot from gabopentin. Should I just get a higher dose? He said I would probably need a larger dose. I took 2. Lyrica yesterday and think I began to hallucinate. ...

Meperidine - I have Demerol that is a year old. I injured my back falling on a wet floor. Is it safe

Posted 22 Feb 2016 by Bonnie82 0 answers

... to take it for my pain? It was prescribed for me after a lumbar fusion a year ago. The doctor is not in the office today.

Meperidine - Does pain management doctors still prescribe Demerol for chronic pain?

Posted 14 Apr 2012 by artimas 3 answers

I have 15 herniated discs with bone spurs and several complications along with degenerative disc disease and a tumor wrapping around my mid spine, not cancerous. I have been on every pain med imaginable and have built up quite a tolerance. I am currently on 100mg of morphine sulphate 2 times a day. ...

How long does meperidine stay in your system, and is it an opiate if not, what is it?

Posted 1 Sep 2012 by tweetybird3 4 answers

i was perscribed this a while back and still have it jus wanting to see if will b ok to take with my other medication which is an opiate...

I'd like to know if the fibrotic tissue built up in the quadricepts?

Posted 24 Nov 2013 by Faded time 1 answer

from repeated meperidine injections can be loosened by physical therapy or if it needs surgery. I have been taking scripted meperidine injections for over a decade to stop breakthrough migraine pain. The majority of the quadriceps muscle in both legs has been replaced by fibrotic tissue. I can no ...

Abscess from meperidine/promethazine injection?

Posted 23 Aug 2013 by DNC1234 1 answer

Is it normal to get an abscess from this drug combo? Do they normally give these two drugs in one injection?

Which is stronger Vicodin or Meperidine 50mg?

Posted 18 Oct 2011 by Patriots81 1 answer

Had 7 teeth pulled wanted to kno which is stronger for the pain

Meperidine - Is it possible to take Demerol as a pain reliever for a long time?

Posted 29 Jun 2012 by britalyssa 2 answers

I had back surgery (lumbar microdiscectomy) about 15 years ago. I was pain free for about 10 years. Unfortunately, for the past five years, I have been struggling with intense back pain again. I eventually had a morphine pump implanted for the pain, but it stopped working. My pain doctor changed ...

Can a patient on Azilect use Fentanyl?

Posted 14 Mar 2012 by jmcgrath 1 answer

I know that demerol (meperidine) is not supposed to be used if a patient is on Azilect, but says that Fentanyl is also high risk when combined with Azilect. The manufacturer states that there's never been a problem reported with fentanyl use in a patient on Azilect. Any thoughts?

Is meperidine FDA approved?

Posted 4 Apr 2012 by JohnDekle 3 answers

I have one Dr saying it is and another saying it is not. I had a prescription filled but did not take the medicine. John -

What drugs can cause a methadone patient to go into withdrawal - could mepritab/ meperidine ?

Posted 30 Nov 2010 by pookey chew 1 answer

If taking methadone for drug treatment & have been prescribed mepritab/meperidine can it cause the?patient to go into immediate & maybe even severe withdrawal from the methadone being used for drug abuse treatment? I know there are some medications that can cause this to happen; what are ...

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