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Menorrhagia Questions

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Can Ferrous Sulfate make you lose weight?

Posted 8 Nov 2014 1 answer

I am wondering if it can help you lose weight. I have never taken this medication, but it has been prescribed by my doctor and I want to get to know more about this medication.

Pristiq - Anyone else experience very heavy menstrual bleeding,also passing huge blood clots,taking?

Posted 9 May 2012 2 answers

... 50mgs prestiq? Been taking this medication for 5weeks,helped for the 1st 3weeks,except for the horrible side effects which I thought would go away, but they have only gotten worse, headache dry mouth agitation irration anxiety panic attacks insomnia please help ...

No period on Natazia for months?

Posted 5 Oct 2012 1 answer

Is this normal? I have been on Natazia for about 5 months probably. I have not had one period on these pills, is that normal? I only have some spotting and pass tissue like material around my third week every pack. Why is this? I am wondering & hoping I am not alone. Also during the passing of ...

Menorrhagia - Seems like answers are to be found no where. I've been battling with heavy bleeding?

Posted 13 Mar 2016 2 answers

... for 3 years now. In 2015 I bleed constantly from June until after Thanksgiving. No anemia. Started bleeding again Christmas eve and continued to until February 1 of 2016, when my insurance finally kicked in and I saw an ob. Was put on Necon (birth control) until break through bleeding ...

Have any women had any problems with heavy menstrual bleeding while on lexapro?

Posted 17 Dec 2010 1 answer

I have noticed that about an hour after I take Lexapro my menstrual bleeding becomes quite heavy and the cramping becomes more intense.

Why have I had a heavy, non stop seven week period while I am on birth control?

Posted 30 Oct 2010 1 answer

I have been on Quasense BIrth Contol for over a year now. My doctor recently perscribed me Co Q-10 vitamins, and pre-natal vitamins to make up for vitamins I was lacking in my diet. I have had my menstrual period for the last seven, almost eight weeks. Not spotting or anything, heavy bleeding with ...

Camrese - spotting mixed with heavy bleeding3 weeks after starting Camrese for the past 40 days ?

Posted 4 Aug 2012 1 answer

I started spotting mixed with heavy bleeding3 weeks after starting Camrese for the pass 40 days... is this normal? Is it likely to stop anytime soon, I still have 3 weeks before I start the yellow pills. I haven't had cramp since I was 17 y/o and this sucks and I'm very disappointed ...

Has anyone been harmed by using lysteda? My dr gave Rx for it, but am afraid to try b/c of warnings?

Posted 10 Feb 2013 2 answers

I have been having severe periods (serious pain, very heavy bleeding, and long lasting). They also are irregular, meaning I may stop for days and then start again with another long, heavy cycle. My doctor gave me Rx for Lysteda but I am afraid to start it after reading the educational info given by ...

Mirena IUD - does age make a difference?

Posted 7 days ago 0 answers

I have been reading many blogs about the Mirena IUD and am pretty nervous about it. I would love to be the lucky ones that don't spot or bleed at all, even if I have to wait 6 or 9 months. I am mid 40's and have very heavy periods now. I also had a few births.

I just started taking Lysteda today - how light does the flow get?

Posted 11 Feb 2012 1 answer

Before taking it, on a "heavy flow day" I would need to change tampons every 40 minutes. I was able to last 2 to three hours today. Does the flow get lighter than this? I was hoping for even less.

Has anyone gotten lots of hematomas and bruises while on pristiq?

Posted 9 Jul 2012 1 answer

I`m not taking NSAIDs. i`ve been getting bruises so easily, sometimes spontaneous and also menorrhagia. my ferritin levels have been pretty low for my entire life (last two times i checked last year it was 7 and 12 - iron levels are normal) and i had some occasional gastrointestinal bleeding ...

Liletta - heavy bleeding and some cramps for over 11 days?

Posted 25 Feb 2017 1 answer

so I had the liletta inserted on January 20th. it did hurt like normal cramps and I had some cramping and bleeding for about 4 days after. but here's the weird part. I normally started my period on the 14th of February and all was good. a week later it was still heavy and I was started to get ...

How long do I have to be on Junel Fe if it was prescribed for my menometrorrhagia?

Posted 16 May 2017 1 answer

Last year I had a very long period that lasted around 2 months and I had heavy menstrual bleeding. I was prescribed Junel Fe to regulate my period. It's been working great but how long will I have to take it for? Will i always be dependent on birth control or can I stop anytime because my ...

Menorrhagia - I have all the symptoms of heavy periods, but no pain or cramps so I haven't?

Posted 25 Aug 2017 1 answer

... complained too much to my doctor so my question is what products have you found that work best for sudden gushes that may be super thick or almost watery? Different pads work differently, so I've resorted to wearing the always disposable panties everyday for two weeks a month and ...

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