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Meningitis Questions

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Stiff/sore neck, very hard time looking up and down? Won't go away?

Posted 9 Mar 2015 4 answers

Yesterday in the middle of the day I noticed my neck was stiff and very sore. Especially the very back of the neck, from the base of my skull all the way down to my shoulder. It's very hard to touch my chin to my chest, I can feel my muscle straining and it feels painful. It also hurts to look ...

Postherpetic Neuralgia - Medicinal Marijuana effective for PHN pain?

Posted 1 Jul 2012 6 answers

The initial outbreak of shingles I had was accompanied by viral meningitis which was diagnosed vy a spinal draw and brain scan. It's now been 17 months that i have been challenged with PHN in mid-section area for which I have tried Cymbalta, Lyrica, Vicodin, Tramadol, Gabapentin, acupuncture, ...

Is leg swelling typical with neuropathy?

Posted 5 May 2011 2 answers

I have had neuropathy in both legs from the knees down for over two years as a result of bacterial meningitis. Recently, both of my calves started swelling and now my ankles are swelling as well. My doctor has me on Potassium and lasix and it does help a good bit, but it does not get rid of it. Is ...

Please provide the Meropenem/Meronem injection price in Indian rupees for 1gm?

Posted 29 Oct 2009 3 answers

Please provide the Meropenem/Meronem injection price in Indian rupees for 1gm

Can Penicillin Vk 500mg tablets(white oval S21) be cut in 1/2?

Posted 23 Dec 2010 2 answers

Can Penicillin Vk 500mg tablets (white oval S51) be cut in 1/2? 250mg can be taken per dose. There's no line on the tablet, but I'm pretty sure they're not time released. I'm taking them for a sinus infection/upper respitory track infection.

Could we use a combination between antiviral and antibacterial drugs as a treatment?

Posted 27 Dec 2012 1 answer

because we need a time may 1 to 2 days or more to detect detect the infectious agent... so as first line treatment of severe infection like bronchitis or meningitis ... could we use the combination between antiviral and antibacterial agent ??

How compare between imipenem and meropenem?

Posted 4 Feb 2011 1 answer

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