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I was just prescribed tramadol, flexeril, and phenergan for my migraine headaches. Has anyone else?

Posted 24 Jun 2011 by esa111226 25 answers

... used these medications to relieve migraines? I have debilitating migraines and I've tried every medication used specifically for this condition. To name a few... Imitrex, Frova, Treximet, Maxalt, zomig, bupaand the list goes on. All were uneffective. Also in an effort to prevent them i was ...

What if Maxalt 10mg has been expired for 8 months to a year, is it safe to still take?

Posted 22 Feb 2018 by ConcernedMom73 1 answer

My son suffers from migraines. He hasn't had one in over a year. He was prescribed Maxalt 10mg but it is now expired. Is it safe to take it if it's been expired for 8 months to a year?

Has anyone taken Effexor XR for migraines? Do the side effects ever fade?

Posted 4 Apr 2018 by Ljohnson11 1 answer

I’ve suffered with chronic migraines for 3 years now. They’ve gotten to be 3-5 times a week. I had been taking maxalt and diclofenac as needed but my dr just put me on Effexor xr as a daily preventative. Has anyone else been prescribed this for migraines? I think the worst side effects ...

Depression and Maxalt?

Posted 22 Jan 2018 by Kimberlybthatme 2 answers

I have been suffering from depression for a while (years) on and off. I was diagnosed with MS (and depression and MS some times go hand and hand). However, I get SEVERELY depressed and after keeping a general have discovered it's every time I take my Maxalt. I only get 9 a month (insurance) ...

Maxalt-MLT - Why is insurance not paying for a medication that works well for so many people?

Posted 4 Jan 2018 by xoqtox1960 1 answer

Alot of us cannot afford to pay cash for there medications. for many reasons

I have recently switched from brand name Maxalt, to generic rizatriptan. I find the rizatriptan?

Posted 29 May 2013 by khollander 10 answers

... VERY different in many unpleasant ways. Is anyone else having these problems? The generic I have used is made by Breckenridge Pharma - maybe other ones are better?

Maxalt-MLT - Does anyone experience muscle aches or twitches from Maxalt?

Posted 10 Jan 2018 by evary 0 answers

I have been using Maxalt or some sort of triptan for almost 30 years and they have always been quite effective in relieving severe migraine pain. However I am now experiencing muscle twitching from the Maxalt ( I believe). Has anyone else experienced muscle related issues with Maxalt or other ...

Rizatriptan - Does this medication possibly cause my ears to constantly make swishing noise?

Posted 23 Aug 2017 by PamelaJean32872 0 answers

I started taking maxalt about 3 months ago. Yes, they do work wonders for my headaches but, everytime my heart beats I hear a swishing sound in my ears. I haven't started or stopped any other medication. I've used wax remover products, I've tried laying on a heating pad... I ...

What can I do for Chronic migraines?

Posted 28 Jul 2016 by Ria1015 2 answers

I am a teenager who has been experiencing major migraines for a couple of years now. Ive been to many doctors and my most recent doctor prescribed me maxalt(10mg) to help treat the migraines but the medication does not work at all. There is no specific time or date the I get migraines and they do ...

Has anyone been told only to take Maxalt once they get the headache not when they first get an Aura?

Posted 14 Jul 2016 by Corey000 1 answer

I've just been prescribed it but got confused when the pharmacist said I can only use once the headache component of the migraine kicks in. For me this is often one of the last and longest lasting symptoms but I usually always start a migraine with an aura and if I can jump on it early then ...

Maxalt becoming unavailable?

Posted 15 Sep 2016 by francesei2211 0 answers

I was told Maxalt would be out of production for two years.. Does anyone know if this is true?

Which is stronger, maxalt or sumatriptan?

Posted 21 Nov 2014 by joyride45 1 answer

Which medication is stronger for migraine headaches: maxalt 10 or sumatriptan succ 100 mg?

Maxalt-MLT - Can I take expired maxalt?

Posted 26 Nov 2015 by Dweber1117 0 answers

The expiration date says 09/2012.

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