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Macular Degeneration Questions

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Does Medicare cover Beovu?

How is brolucizumab administered?

May have chronic fatigue, but diognosed depression, only med that made positive affect-prednisone ?

Still unsure what my true condition\illness is. Started with chronic sinus infections (I had surgery for this but it may have caused another issue ENS, still have sinus infections but deeper)/ headach's every day/scalp tender to touch and "indented" on top (seriously) /memory... read more

Is there anything that can help the blurry vision from Lyrica?

I have been a diabetic for 23 years, I was diagnosed with diabetic neuropathy 2 years ago and the only thing that I have concerns about is how blurry my vision gets I feel like they are dry all the time and I have been noticing myself using visine way more. I thank you for taking time to read and... read more

Macular degeneration injections; painful?

I've read that the eyes are numbed for injection. I am going to have to make a decision about rx for MDA. The injections seem the most promising. However, I'm wondering if the eyes are really numbed, and what happens post injection re pain. Since these are apparently monthly injections... read more

Eylea - How long does the eye pain last after injection?

Thanks for your replies. Has anyone had both eyes injected at the same time and what was the experience?

Nortriptyline - Has anyone experienced blurry vision as a side effect?

I have been taking on average 30mg for chronic migraine for last 5 weeks. Have 24/7 blurry vision and inable to focus.

Is it normal to have blurry vision after taking Lexapro? I'm on day 2 of my 10mg pills and my vision

... started getting slightly blurry about hours after I took my 2nd dose

Having blurry vision on Lamictal. Does it go away?

My doctor started me on Lamictal as a mood stabilizer after I started having some issues with topamax. Literally after 2 doses, I started to notice my vision was getting blurry. I called the pharmacy and was told that after being on the medication for 2 weeks, this very common side effect goes... read more

Sertraline side effects? Anxiety/dissociative?

I’m on my 3rd day of raking sertraline for anxiety. My anxiety is so much worse, I’m so tired, no motivation, head feels very fuzzy. I’ve taken a week off work as I can concentrate. Is this normal? And when will I feel better? I don’t want to leave the house or get off the... read more

Eylea - severe, sudden headache and loss of vision after injection for 10 mins. eye pressure went to

My first injection of Eylea I got a migraine. My second injection I had severe, sudden headache with loss of vision everything went black only seen flashes of white specs and my eye pressure went up to 67. Has anyone else had these side effects? Don't know if I should go for third injection... read more

Can alcoholic drinks affect results of Eylea injections?

I have received 22 injections of Lucentis and am now on my fourth injection of Eylea. I consume two alcoholic drinks per day and would like to know if this could cause negative results of these injections. Thanks for an early reply. cf

Cymbalta & Blurred Vision?

On various forums, I learned of several users of Cymbalta experiencing vision problems (mostly blurred vision or refraction anomalies). I was diagnosed with Age-Related Macular Degeneration while taking this drug, even though the dr was perplexed that I could have AMD at my age. I was told all we... read more

Can Voltaren salve harm me?

I have AMD (macular degeneration). Is is safe to use Voltaren salve? I have used it once so far and already felt dizzy and had sweats. Maybe not related but I want to be sure of the product.

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