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Macular Degeneration Questions

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What is it when I wake up and my head feels like in a daze, dizzy, tight forehead, sometimes blurry?

Posted 29 Oct 2017 by Hazzydizzyalways58 2 answers

Also blurry vision, tight chest. Already saw a GI specialist, a Cardioalogist, ENT specialist. Take thyroid , nexium, atenenol, aspirin . They can't seem to find what's wrong.

Corneal transplants for macular degeneration?

Posted 25 Sep 2017 by Ebressler 0 answers

Does anyone know anything about corneal transplants? I have been told that it might be possible for a corneal transplant to be done for someone with macular degeneration but I haven't been able to find any information online that supports this.

How long does it take for Combigan to lower eye pressure?

Posted 13 Sep 2017 by Healthy eyes 0 answers

I was diagnosed with open ended Glaucoma 3 years back. Undergone Lasik which worked fine so far. Recently I have blurry vision (sometimes a lot). Eye pressure right was 30 and left 22. Doc recommended Combigan twice a day. After a day of use still same level of blurriness. How long does it take to ...

Gabapentin container states "may cause blurry vision". Lower number of pills taking, the blurry?

Posted 30 Aug 2017 by Erika Stephenson 0 answers

stopped, but had to increase back to what it had been. If the gabapentin is stopped completely will the blurry vision stop, or is the damage permanent?

Latanoprost - Have all types of symptomes??

Posted 28 Aug 2017 by kittyelli 0 answers

Started using latanoprost 3 weeks ago and don't feel good. I looked up the side effects and sure enough, I have a sore throat, sneezing, terrible watery eyes, blurry vision and today, during the day, had some sharp pains on the left side of my chest. I think I might stop the drops, it is too ...

VESIcare - How long before side-effects wear off?

Posted 27 May 2017 by LRattu 0 answers

Hi, I took vesicare 5mg for 2 days before having to stop due to extreme fatigue, blurry vision and headaches. I stopped taking them 3 days ago and still feeling terrible. How long did others peoples side effects take to wear off?

I took Lutera for 6 months. he first couple of months my breast were really tender and sore...

Posted 31 May 2017 by Silvs17 2 answers

... but it stopped. About the 4th month of taking Lutera I experienced a lot of anxiety, depression, paranoia blurry vision and numbness in my arms and legs. I stopped taking it a couple of days ago but I still have all the symptoms. Does it take a long time to get out of your system. I went to the ...

Hi, I keep coming back because my side effects keep changing, I started 5 mg. of Lexapro at night?

Posted 7 Mar 2017 by Allyoop64 2 answers

... but changed to morning and I slept fine, then I went to 7.5 for almost 2 weeks slept fine but had blurry vision and hard time reading also the dizziness got worse so I cut back to 5mg and blurry vision and dizziness still persists, I take klonapin 1/2 of 0.5 mg to help with anxiety but it helps ...

How long before I stop feeling confused, nervous, etc. after taking SMZ/TMP w/o water???

Posted 23 Mar 2017 by YodaGirl04 0 answers

Quadraplegic w/ bed sore cannot lean over bed to release pressure off each butt cheek because I'm also having terrible strong and tough spasms that almost made me fall forward face-first out of my power chair. About those feelings, I feel like a different person. I am desperate. I have a bed ...

I have been taking Fetzima for about 2 months and it has helped my depression a great deal. I?

Posted 26 Feb 2017 by Lizzie60 0 answers

... recently increased my dose from 80ng to 120mg per day and have had trouble with blurry vision, red painful tearing eyes. Has anyone experienced this?

Can PRK cause macular degeneration?

Posted 25 Jan 2017 by Kylieface 0 answers

I am seeing symptoms of macular degeneration in my left eye. I received PRK a year and a half ago and was wondering if these two could possibly be related? I am only 27

Is it possible to get dark spots on my face or having blurry vision with my patch (Xulane)?

Posted 22 Dec 2016 by Daniellaaa 0 answers

I am having this weird symptoms with my patch. I have blurry vision, got a little bit of hair on my face, some pain in my legs and arms, and I also got a dark spot on my face. I had some stomach pain and a lot of headache. I Tried to talk with my dr but instead I talked to a nurse and she was rude ...

Lucentis - Green shakes for macular degeneration?

Posted 24 Nov 2016 by Nochemoforme 0 answers

I read about some folks who started supplements; vit A, C, E and zinc for their eyes and added green shake (kale, spinach, bell peppers, apples, carrots) and their vision was completely restored!! I have stopped the Eylea, Avastin and Lucentis because of no improvement and extreme pain!! With ...

Is there anything that can help the blurry vision from Lyrica?

Posted 24 Feb 2016 by KRAE91 4 answers

I have been a diabetic for 23 years, I was diagnosed with diabetic neuropathy 2 years ago and the only thing that I have concerns about is how blurry my vision gets I feel like they are dry all the time and I have been noticing myself using visine way more. I thank you for taking time to read and ...

Cymbalta & Blurred Vision?

Posted 23 Jun 2016 by Stevi-Jan 1 answer

On various forums, I learned of several users of Cymbalta experiencing vision problems (mostly blurred vision or refraction anomalies). I was diagnosed with Age-Related Macular Degeneration while taking this drug, even though the dr was perplexed that I could have AMD at my age. I was told all we ...

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