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Anyone report a strong metallic type taste in mouth with Lumigan?

Posted 3 Dec 2017 by Gms7 0 answers

I’ve been taking Lumigan for approximately two years. No other meds. Female. 70 years old. Strong metallic taste has developed that will not go away. Have had all gastro tests. Everything normal. Also problems sleeping. Making me nauseous and feeling “yukky.”

Lumigan - I started getting dizzy and develop ear infection after using that drop for 1 week. I then

Posted 3 Sep 2017 by Pfp 0 answers

... stop using it while trying to clear the ear infection. Got another ear infection and dizziness once start using the drop again. Anyone experiencing this type of size effect?

Lumigan is making my nose run constantly. Is there a better alternative. I am taking cospot also?

Posted 22 Apr 2017 by TARTU 0 answers

My eye surgeon prescribed cosopt in the morning in the r eye and lumigan at night in both eyes. Lumigan is making my nose run constantly to the xtent that I develop sores at my nose and cold sores. Is there a better option to lumigan? Like xalatan. I have had glaucoma in right eye for 6 years and ...

How many drops in one bottle of lumigan 2.5 and how many in 7.5?

Posted 25 Jul 2011 by myalliecat 1 answer

I never get a months suppy of drops. I put one drop in each eye every evening.

Lumigan - Cosopt caused hive rash with crusty center. Biopsy said lichenoid. Then another rash with?

Posted 13 Mar 2017 by Rebreffic 0 answers

... Latanoprast. Itching with both will drive you into a frenzy of scratching!!! Now Lumigan rash increased. Age 71 female. Are there any other eye drops??

Using Lumigan for eyelash growth only?

Posted 17 Nov 2016 by rydevmegdyl 0 answers

Is it safe to use Lumigan only for eyelash growth? What would happen if you don't have glaucoma or hypertension? Thank you

Lumigan has been very good for my eyes until the change from 0.03 to 0.01. The instructions I had?

Posted 28 Jun 2016 by David Swain 0 answers

... from my GP was to use 3 drops of 0.01 in each eye each night, this I have sinse found to be incorrect.This I did for about 4 months until my latest visit to the hospital. I am now taking 1 drop and my eyes are improving again but I have been left feeling very unwell.My problems sarted soon ...

Lumigan - Regarding the "single use" containers, can one container be used to treat?

Posted 17 Jun 2016 by Lindisfarne 0 answers

Both eyes? GP, Pharmacist, and explanatory leaflet are all unable to answer.

I've been using Lumigan for ocular pressure for over 4 years. I have the extensive lash growth that?

Posted 24 Nov 2015 by kismetangel 0 answers

... I love, but recently, my eyes have been extremely red. I went to urgent care for a sore throat and before the doctor looked in my throat (I have strep), she questioned my red eyes. I wear contacts, but take them out at night as soon as I get home from work and never sleep in them. I use the ...

Why was Rescula discontinued?

Posted 23 Mar 2015 by pmalyj 1 answer

My Father needs it or he will go blind. It worked for him, taking his pressure from 21 to16. He is still taking four other eye drops (Brimonide, Dorzolamide, Pilocarpin and Lumigan) but they don't take the pressure down like Rescula did. Please reconsider producing it or sell your patent to ...

Lumigan - If a dose is missed should it be made up?

Posted 18 Aug 2015 by okieboy 0 answers

Should I avoid grapefruit juice now that I am taking Lumigan fro Glaucoma?

Posted 11 Feb 2015 by Cemay1-2 1 answer

I have grapefruit juice a few times a week. This is the first time I have had to take any kind of medication, and I want to be safe.

What is it in lumigan that make lashes grow?

Posted 2 Dec 2014 by eyelashes 1 answer

Number of doses in 5.0 ml. of Lumigan 0.01%?

Posted 20 Feb 2012 by rich08820 2 answers

Use Lumigan 0.01 % one drop once a day in both eyes. 5.0 ml. bottle nearly empty in 28 days but pharmacy says that my drug insurance plan says that it is too soon to refill the presription. How many drops do you get out of a 5.0 ml. bottle of Lunigan?

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