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Lichen Planus Questions

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Is fluocinonide an antifungal cream?

What is fluocinonide cream good for?

Is Diprolene available over-the-counter (OTC)?

Diprolene: AF vs Augmented vs Regular - What does this mean?

Can you buy Luxiq foam over-the-counter (OTC)?

Halobetasol vs triamcinolone: which is better?

Can I use Clobetasol Propionate in my mouth?

I have lichen planus and my dentist prescribed this medication for relief. Everything I read states do not use in the mouth. What is the best course of treatment for me?

Has anyone experience significant hair loss w/Predisone?

I took it for oral erosive lichen planus (autoimmune in origin). It is diagnosed by a dentist, but treated by a dermatologist. The prednisone did not make a dent in my problem; I still have eroded gum and buccal tissue in my mouth, I also have atrophy on the left inside of my cheek. Now that I have... read more

Ive been diagnosed with Oral Lichen Planus & prescribed Fluocinonide 0.05% gel?

which I'm to swab on either side of my tongue. He says its safe for oral use. Is this true?

Diprolene - What is used for on legs or stomach?

I mean I really don't know how it's used on the body

Is Dupixent used to treat lichen planus?

I can't take steroids because I have osteoporosis. I have flare ups of lichen planus every few years and I currently have it on my nail beds and lips. I would like to get it under control.

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