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Levonorgestrel Questions

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Can Plan B make your period late or cause bleeding?

Can you drink alcohol after taking Plan B?

What's the weight limit for Plan B?

How effective is Plan B and how late can you take it?

How many times can you take Plan B?

Mirena, Kyleena, Skyla & Liletta - What's the difference?

How long does Levonorgestrel remain active in your system?

Does it affect your body until your next period, or does this only remedy until you have fully excreted the drug? (For example, if a person had unprotected sex two days after taking the pill, are they still safe?)

Can you bleed 9 days after taking emergency contraceptive?

My birth control failed on Dec. 3rd and I took the off-brand of Plan B (same Levonorgestrel mg dose of Plan B One-Step) an hour afterwards. Fast forward to 9 days later (Dec. 12th) and I am experiencing spotting (which I've never experienced before in my life). I know everyone reacts... read more

Levonorgestrel - Does this pill (Plan B) cause your urine to smell very strong?

I took this pill 2 days ago and this is my problem, as my urine has a very strong almost pungent odor. Should I be concerned?

Levonorgestrel - HELP! Vivid dreams night hallucinations?

I took the "take action" pill, the generic form of plan b 2 days ago. I took it in the afternoon and that night I was hit with a CRAZY side effect. I had an extreme nightmare about my dad coming in to hit me ( he never has). I opened my eyes gasping for breath screaming and he was STILL... read more

Levonorgestrel mixed with the drug ice?

I have just recently been useing the drug ice yesterday at 5pm and off and on all night and then this morning i had sex at about between 5am-6am and i have bourght the morning after pill levonorgestrel but i am useing the drug ice today as well last was 10am will the drug ice conflicted with the... read more

Levonorgestrel - Plan B and late period?

I took Plan B a day or 2 before my ovulation day according to my app. He used the pull out so I decided to get Plan B just in case. 2 weeks later I had 2 days of light brown discharge then it stopped. I was due for my period 3 days ago now and haven't started. I have sore breasts and have made... read more

Levonorgestrel - What are the long term side effects of postinor 2?

2 months after taking the postinor 2 pill,does it cause side effects such as swollen belly,swollen,sore, enlarged breasts,nusuea,on and off acne coupled with on and off whitish spotting (blood mixed with white mucus-like substance)?

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