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Lessina Questions

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Could I be pregnant even on birth control?

Posted 11 Oct 2018 by cupcake333 1 answer

So I started the birth control pills (Lessina, which is monophasic) 7 weeks ago. I got a period on the 4th day of the placebo pills on my last pack, which was my first one and it was very heavy so I knew I wasn't pregnant! However, on my first active pill on my second pack, I had sex without ...

Switch from Lessina To Orsythia, and now I'm not having my period?

Posted 29 Apr 2013 by Amandakay000 1 answer

The pharmacist told me there was no difference between the two and everything should continue the same, but now i'm not having my period? I've had cramps and been very hungry but nothing else for the past two days. Is this normal? Also, On lessina I was having my period the week BEFORE ...

Lessina - I don't take the white pills at all for the whole seven days. Is that bad?

Posted 3 Aug 2014 by Lurd11 1 answer

Will I get pregnant if I don't take then? I don't take anything for that week and wait till the following Sunday to start the pack again

Has anyone seen their prescription for Lutera change to Lessina?

Posted 12 Aug 2018 by Ng123 1 answer

I was taking Lutera about two years ago and really loved it until one day, went to go pick up my refill, and noticed that this new pack had a different name/packaging than what I had been taking. My pharmacy told me it was still Lutera just a different brand of it anymore, and I remember starting ...

Lessina - I was a few hours late taking my pill for 3 or 4 days. I was sexual with a guy last week?

Posted 2 Oct 2009 by taffyray 1 answer

... no other protection was used except for the pull out method. My period was supposed to start 2 days ago, but hasn't. Plus, I just switched to this birth control this month. I was on Loestrin before. Is it possible I'm pregnant?

Alesse - lessina?

Posted 24 Oct 2009 by amituk 1 answer

what is the difference between alesse and lessina?

I started Lessina 28 the first day of my cycle. It has been 9 days now and I am still?

Posted 5 May 2012 by rairai 1 answer

... bleeding... when will it stop???

Lessina - I accidentally took my first white pill when I was supposed to take my last pink pill.?

Posted 9 Feb 2015 by lmkatoy 1 answer

... What should I do? Should I take the last pink pill tonight and then start the white tomorrow? Thank you.

It's been two days on the reminder pills and I havent started my period. Am I pregnant?

Posted 22 Jun 2010 by hermione221 1 answer

I had sex a week ago. We used a condom. I just started taking Lessina this month. I started taking the pills on a wednesday so I missed the first three pills.

I have cramping but no sign of my cycle. Is this normal for a person who takes the Lessina pill?

Posted 22 Feb 2012 1 answer

I've also been very stressed out though? Could that be the cause of it? I'm on my 3rd day of the sugar pill and no sign of my cycle/

Lessina - change start of period?

Posted 17 Sep 2014 by dmirh 1 answer

I currently start my period on Friday because I began the pack on the first day of my period. How should I change so that I start my period on Sunday? Can I take the sugar pills Friday and Saturday and then start a new pack on Sunday?

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