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Does Methocarbamol contain aspirin, ibuprofen, or Naproxen?

Posted 26 Jan 2013 by Vicky Evans 2 answers

I take one methocarbamol 750 mg nightly for leg cramps ("charlie horses"). I have to have a colonoscopy soon and I am to stop taking any drug that contains any of the above medications a week before.

I get severe leg cramps that cause my toes to curl upward, what causes that and how can I treat it?

Posted 27 Oct 2013 by sherrie avena 2 answers

I am a cocktail waitress so I'm on my feet all day. My legs and feet are fine during the day but its at night when I am almost asleep that my leg cramps and makes my toes curl upward. I think I have restless leg syndrome, could that be part of the reason why I get cramps? They also wake me up ...

My blood sugar was 225 I'm not diabetic is this really bad? And do leg cramps relate to diabetes?

Posted 4 Apr 2013 by R_Moore 6 answers

I'm 21 and the other day I tested my blood sugar it was 225 the lowest its been since is 171 should I be worried? I'm not a diabetic (or so I though) so I don't know hoe to deal with this. And do leg cramps have anythings to do with diabetes?

Does the use of Tonic Water. 36 ounces/day, create the same problems as prescription Quinine?

Posted 26 Mar 2017 by Pain at Night 0 answers

Does the use of Tonic Water for leg cramps, 36 ozs/day, create the same side effects as prescription quinine?

Leg Cramp - My period is coming and my legs are hurting but more of a burning feeling?

Posted 11 Mar 2017 by Ferrell1008 1 answer

Leg are hurting and have a burning sensation my period is coming but my legs are restless

I just came off lisinopril 2 weeks ago .Can it cause leg cramps coming off of it?

Posted 18 Feb 2017 by Granite617 1 answer

I'm a type 1 Diabetic for 37 years. I've been having severe lower back ache and my potassium was elevated. My BP reading are fine right now without it ,ranging 139/69 to 109/58. Also my ankles were swollen, but not now.

Leg Cramps...PA/Otezla?

Posted 16 Jan 2017 by Susan2652 1 answer

I have been taking Otezla for about 2 months and I am suffering from severe leg cramps. Has Otezla effected any of you like this? If so, what has helped you with the pain? Thank you for all suggestions! God bless.

I started getting mild headaches within a few days of starting quinine sulfate for leg cramps. They?

Posted 21 Jan 2017 by stayhealthy79 1 answer

... got progressively worse so after taking one 300 mg pill per day for 20 days I stopped taking them. But my headache has gotten worse and is now continual with sharp pain pangs with head movement. Excedrin gives me very little relief. Will this wear off or could there be some type of permanent ...

Is quinidine used to treat leg cramps like quinine is?

Posted 18 Jan 2017 by Mkinchen 0 answers

I usually take quinine for leg cramps but this time I got QUINIDINE. Is that the same and will that work for my cramps?

If you take a Naproxen, will you feel a leg cramp?

Posted 13 May 2013 by lilkeykey14 4 answers

I've felt my calf muscles tightening up for the past few days and I think I might and up having a leg cramp tonight when I go to sleep, so I wam ted to know. I only ever get leg cramps when I'm asleep : /

Can extended use of Metformin cause lower leg cramps at night?

Posted 21 Jun 2013 by tonasket 2 answers

I have been taking Metformin (1000 g twice per day) for over a year. I have started having nightly leg cramps (in early morning).

Sertraline - is sertralline gluten free?

Posted 4 Nov 2013 by janmper 3 answers

I need to know if sertraline is gluten free, since I have celiac disease, and am experiencing diaharra. I know it can be a side effect, but that was my main ailment along with excruciating leg cramps for 8 years, and do not want to continue taking this if it has gluten. The mfg is Greenstone

My daughter just started her 2nd month of Tri-Estarylla and she has been having bad leg cramps and?

Posted 7 Nov 2016 by Cynthia1285 1 answer

... charley horses at night. Is this normal? She just came off of being on the Depo shot for 2 years. Her last shot was this past April.

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