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Does sunflower lecithin cause and acne because of Omega 6?

Posted 23 Feb 2018 by Ethan_cha 0 answers

I've been taking Sunflower Lecithin. I would take soy, but I have a sensitivity to soy. I am also acne prone. I heard Omega 6 causes inflammation. Does Sunflower Lecithin contain Omega-6 fats, and should I worry about taking Sunflower Lecithin if I have acne prone skin. Thank you.

I have just started to take 1tbsp of lecithin granules per day how long will it take before it?

Posted 21 Sep 2016 by red clover 0 answers

... benefits my health i have been advised to take it by a health practitioner as my doctor believes my body is not breaking down fats efficiently. I have no gall bladder and am having trouble losing weight. I am 60 and female

Lecithin - bonjour ou trouver de lalicithine merci Bolatrejc?

Posted 26 Aug 2016 by cheribibi 0 answers

en fait je recherche des anti oxidants,et pense que lalicitine en fait parti au meme titre que la metionine,la sisteine l'acide pantotenique et autre ,merci Bolatre jc

Excess sweating of head and face?

Posted 13 Oct 2015 by lolintrouble 0 answers

Please can you help I have excess sweating of my head and face, it gets so bad that it drips off my hair and it is very embarrassing I have read that Lecithin capsules and Sage tea can help with this problem am I correct and is Lecithin safe to take I am a hairdresser and have a healthy diet and ...

Soya Lecithin - Just read my favorite tea contains soy lecithin. I am allergic to soy and have?

Posted 8 May 2015 by ladybugs 1 answer

... autoimmune issues. Should I be concerned and try to find another tea? Trying to reduce any internal inflammation. Bigelow Lemon Lift Decaf has "natural" flavoring, I don't buy any herbal teas! Lemon is healthy drink alternative

Has anyone taking lecithin noticed their nails becoming stronger? If so, what is your dosage?

Posted 30 Sep 2014 by Problemnails 1 answer

My nails split, tear and peel and have most of my life. Have tried whatever my doctor and manicurist recommend and nothing has helped.

Does the Garlic contain lecithin?

Posted 4 Sep 2014 by alimuhammad 1 answer

Does the Garlic contain lecithin and its percentage

Does lecithin-E contain fibrate?

Posted 23 Jul 2014 by raraziz 1 answer

I previously know that fibrate has some drug interaction with statin where it'll cause myocitis second to that is renal failure.basically fibrate has same function as lecithin, and he develop some renal if lecithin contain fibrate, I should advice daddy to stop lecithin-E and ...

Side Effect - I have developed a soy allergy since taking a 400 mg tid dosage of potiga. I believe?

Posted 20 Aug 2013 by jaydee_tx 1 answer

... it is linked. Can anyone confirm? It is a soy/soy lecithin allergy. Lecithin is one of the inactive ingredients in potiga and I believe in is interacting with the topamax I take.

Can Lecithin make me insomniac?

Posted 26 Nov 2010 by Fenix7777777 1 answer

I have been taking Lecithin for aprox. 30 days now. About 3 weeks ago, I started having problems sleeping. Not stressing or worrying about anything in particular, I am tired, but I lie there completely awake. I read that they sometimes use lecithin for neurological disorders as well, ie memory. ...

Is there a reason I cannot take products with soy lecithin while taking Femara?

Posted 12 Jan 2011 by rtired 1 answer

My physician said I should not take any soy products while on Femara. Does that include soy lecithin in a product?

I bought a bottle of Lecithin 19 Grains and it says to take one to three pills daily. I understand?

Posted 14 Sep 2010 by Lake View 1 answer

... it lowes your cholesterol. I have been taking Zocor but am not happy about taking a statin. This is my own choosing to take Lecithin. There does not seem to be very many allergic reactions to this and as far as I know I have never had a reaction to any pills ever. The lecithin is a windmil ...

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