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Lantus Solostar Questions

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How do you use the Lantus pen (Lantus SoloStar)?

Is Admelog the same as NovoLog?

Hi- I am type 2 diabetic, have been taking lantus solostar for over a year and it just isn't?

... working. My doctor has had me on 12 units a bedtime, along with oral meds daily. Glucose are up in the 400s, doctor is yelling at me to get them under control and I have been doing everything I can, even starving myself. I am sitting here in tears because she upped the lantus to 15 units twice... read more

How do I refill a lantus solostar pen?

Lantus Solostar - Can the Solostar be shipped to me in an unrefrigerated method of transportation.?

... Will the product remain safe?

Do the unopened NovoLog flexpens need to be refrigerated? Same Q for Lantus SoloStar. Thanks?

I am new to injecting insulin and am not sure if the FlexPens I'm using need to be refrigerated. I know that the one I'm using does not have to be for 28 days but the remaining ones in the box, I'm not sure about.

How do I change the cartridge in a lantus solostar pen?

I have a lantus solostar pen which comes prefilled with lantus. now it's cartridge is empty and i buy a new cartridge from the medical shop so How do I replace the old cartridge with new , I also googled but no luck plz help ...

Do I really need to take my insulin same time everyday?

I just started to take Lantus Solostar and it said to take before bedtime,but i work nightshift sometimes so i don't sleep, when i work i take it early before i go to work,should i bring it to work to take at same time eventhough i don't sleep??? Or should i take it when i sleep during... read more

How can I tell when Lantus pen is empty, it's supposed to have 100 units. I have used 5x's 10 units?

But it still has medicine in it, please help.

How many pens needed for 26 units a day? I have the Lantus SoloStar pen 100 units/ml (u-100). 3 ml?

... prefilled pen. Dr prescribed 15 boxes and pharmacist gave me 5 saying the 5 pens should last 57 days taking 26 units. I do not calculate it the same

Lantus Solostar Pen - I am a DM2 (type 2 diabetic). My medications stopped working and my sugar...

... levels were spiking into the 400 range. I started on Lantus Solostar insulin and I have been increasing the dose by 6 units every 3 days and still I can't see it dropping. Today I started 61 units. I was on 55 units for 3 days and my sugar level was still in the 200's as it has been... read more

Lantus Solostar - Will lantus-solostar cause hard stool and constipation?

Am a type 2 diabetic and have been switched to the pen,started with low dose and gradully worked up,medication i was using (glyburide-metfoormin ) was slowly discontinued. I still take rosuvastatin ,6000 oral fish oil cap. am very happy with the pen,my doseage now is 55 units per day, have one... read more

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