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Lamictal XR Questions


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Does Lamictal XR really cost $500 a month?

Posted 23 Jun 2013 by Collegegrad13 3 answers

I have to take it every day twice a day and has actually worked better than the regular Lamictal. Is there any place I can get the meds cheaper?

Lamictal caused excessive weight gain how do I lose it?

Posted 22 Jun 2018 by Fakingitperfectly 1 answer

I started lamictal a bit over a year ago and now I’m at 350 XR and since I started I have gained over 100 pounds. I have improved my diet and increased my exercise since I started and the only thing that changed over the year was the addition of lamictal. I know “it doesn’t cause ...

Lamictal - can it cause night sweats, headaches and blurred vision?

Posted 5 Dec 2011 by christy p 3 answers

Im taking lamictal xr for seizures I been taking it for about 7 weeks now. im on 200 mg once a day and im having hand tremors, bad night sweats,headaches, blured vision, and my palms sweat and they have never done that u think it could be because of the meds or could it be the tumor

Seizure Prevention - I've been taking Lamictal XR for years and I've never had a seizure since I?

Posted 20 Aug 2017 by bfsandy 2 answers

... started. This month pharmacist said it was backordered and she couldn't get it She sold me generic ?lamotrigene but it's not extended release. Is this the same? Is it safe?

When should I take cymbalta, lamictal xr, & hydroxyzine?

Posted 11 Dec 2012 by sallymaebooth 1 answer

just beagn having seizures at the beginning of Nov. Never had them before. Been prescribed Lamictal XR for the seizures & cymbalta for stress. Was also given Hydroxyzine to take as needed in case I felt high anxiety. First - what should be taken when - dr didn't say but that I shouldnt ...

Getting off of lamictal xr?

Posted 9 Jan 2013 by sallymaebooth 1 answer

Has anyone been on Lamictal XR & then taken off of it due to bad side effects? If so, was it hard getting off of them?

I am taking lamotrigine XR 300mg instead of the lamictal xr. Seems fine. I am having major memory?

Posted 30 Apr 2013 by Allsmiles 2 answers

... issues that are effecting my job. Does anyone know what I should do now?

I have been on Lamictal XR for 5 days and am having irrational thoughts and increased depression.?

Posted 29 Jul 2013 by Mlane10 2 answers

... How do I stop taking this drug safely, or is this normal adjusting to it? I am taking it for mood stabilization

Lamictal XR - Have taken 800 mg of lamictal for several months long acting 1x per day for?

Posted 20 Jul 2014 by wakey49 1 answer

Been taking 800 mg XR for neuropathy. Also started tp develop what my neurologist labels essential tremors in my hands. May start to reduce doseage to see although the lamictal may be helping the neuropathy. I don't know for sure.

What are the potential side effects of taking lamictal xr and Onfi?

Posted 24 Oct 2014 by Bee Girl 2 answers

I have gained abdominal weight -even I was over weight like 35 pounds and 3 kids later. The shape I have is left me more above the belt line round/egg in the abdominal area. The bigger problem is drowsy to the point I have to drink caffeine to keep my normal alert state and have started dreaming ...

Lamictal XR - Lost my job. Trying to survive on $300.00 per week. Can't afford cobra or any health?

Posted 29 Dec 2014 by Frodnepel 3 answers

... insurence. Need assistance for free medication. Only have medecation for another two weeks

Lamictal xr?

Posted 12 Dec 2012 by sallymaebooth 2 answers

2 questions... does this drug give anyone vivid dreams or hallucinations? Next question... wondering if the generic brand is any different than the name brand. I'm still taking the 5 wk packet. I'm sure there are costs differences but that's not my concern I'm wondering if there ...

Klonopin & Lamictal XR?

Posted 12 Dec 2012 by sallymaebooth 1 answer

I'd recently began to have seizures at the age of 36 - brought on by stress. The ER & my GP had prescribed me with Klonopin until I could get in to see a neurologists. Seen him who told me to stop the Klonopin & begin taking Keppra which I did for a week - but had anger & irritable ...

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