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Knee Joint Replacement - I had a total knee replacement at the age of 22?

Posted 14 Apr 2018 by Molly_momma 0 answers

In March or 2017 I was told i had a tumor in my tibia and knee. I was on treatment for 6 months to try an prevent from having a knee replacement at 22. Sadly it didn't work and I had the knee replacement and my tibia replaced as well. I was on a splint from September to December. I wasn't ...

Knee Joint Replacement - I'm having a total knee replacement I've been told it's a very painful?

Posted 18 Nov 2017 by hathers8 3 answers

I'm really scared that the pain is going to be so bad ..can someone put my mind at rest and tell me what to expect

Knee Joint Replacement - when can you shower after a knee replacement?

Posted 27 Jan 2018 by smfvabch 1 answer

I had total left knee replacement Dec. 26th 2017, when can I take a shower without putting plastic over my incision.

Knee Joint Replacement - Hi. I had a partial knee replacement 12 yrs ago. The replacement slipped?

Posted 29 Dec 2017 by Lynn56 1 answer

... and caused my bone to fracture. I recently had a TKR and am doing good. I have RA, also. I have pain and tightness behind my knee. The pain radiates down my leg. Any thoughts what this may be? Thank you, Lynn

Doeas Effient cause knee joint pain?

Posted 29 Nov 2017 by msschmi 0 answers

My husband is on Effient but went off of it to see if the knee pain would go away. It did go away. The doctor put him back on it and the knee pain has come back. They say this is not a side affect of the drug. Stay on it or not.

Effects of introducing Glycine into the knee joint instead of Normal Saline during knee arthroscopy?

Posted 30 Nov 2017 by Orthopod 2 0 answers

1.5 of a 3 litre bag of Glycine was inadvertently used during knee arthroscopy instead of Normal Saline. This was identified half way through when the radio-frequency probe (which needs ionisation of the Na and Chloride ions) was not effective during chondroplasty (having changed 3 different probes ...

Knee Joint Replacement - I had my TKR 5 months ago and am still experiencing so much pain around the

Posted 7 Sep 2017 by Maxandcleosmom2 1 answer

... knee cap and sides of the replacement. The front of my knee is always warm to the touch as well. I was doing really well and at about the 2 month mark I started feeling unwell all of the time. Fatigue, lethargic, flu like feeling and the pain in my knee to remind me I may have made a big ...

Knee Joint Replacement - I had bilateral knee replacement 1 yr and 2 months ago, I don't have pain?

Posted 3 Apr 2017 by Myers607 1 answer

... anymore like I use to, I don't take any pain medicine, I can walk and ride my stationary bike, 5 miles atleast 3 x / week., I did the surgery so I can run around with my 2 yr old grandson, and to be able to dance at my daughters wedding in Oct. but I do still have numbness on one side of ...

Knee Joint Replacement - I am 4 months post op TKR. I wake up every day with pain and swelling. It?

Posted 17 Jul 2017 1 answer

... is better. I just want my life back. I also had a bad fall due to my knee and I am 3 weeks post op complete rotator cuff repair. Of course no more pain meds , just ice and prayer. Any suggestions on long term exercises that would help. What about using a TENS unit?

What are the long term effects of a proximal tibial metaphysis fracture?

Posted 20 Sep 2017 by Stethy 0 answers

I'm having difficulty getting my referral into the bone & joint dr. Was seen in the ER last week after a fall and my CT results said: Lipohemarthrosis again seen in the left knee joint. There is a nondisplaced fracture in the lateral aspect of the proximal tibial metaphysis. I have a ...

Knee Joint Replacement - Hello! Newbie here. Need advice?

Posted 21 May 2017 by Aquagirl1963 0 answers

1st right tkr. Aug 2015 Revision. Nov 2016 MUA. Feb 2017 My situation. My right knee is still extremely swollen more so on the right side of the knee. My entire knee is and has been the size of a grapefruit. It hurts to walk because the swelling gets bigger I ice and elevate several times a day ...

Knee Joint Replacement - My knee replacement destroyed the right side of my body. My thigh, hip, and

Posted 18 Mar 2016 by brooklynn13 3 answers

... back are in alot of pain, rendering me crippled for over a year. Has anyone had this happen? I suspect entrapment from the beginning. Does anyone relate to this situation? I need support

Knee Joint - Is anyone near the Frederick Md. area that would like to talk more about knee pain 6?

Posted 24 Jan 2017 by Jthomp55 0 answers

That has had pain 6 years after surgery

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