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Juvederm Questions

We found 14 questions associated with the 'Juvederm' topic.

Juvederm - Can I use sunbeds?

Posted 29 Jul 2013 by Benpoppy1 1 answer

Had juvaderm lip filler ten days ago which I love . Can I use sunbeds whilst having themx

Juvederm - Why do I have swelling appear 2 months after injection?

Posted 30 Aug 2017 by Kaleetibber 1 answer

I had juvederm injection at the side of the mouth 2 months ago. This was my 2nd time and all went well. Today one side if my mouth is hard and swollen. Is it possible that this came from the injection after 2 months?

I had Juvederm 3 months ago in the lines right next to my mouth. The next day I had a tightening...

Posted 9 days ago by whyme2 0 answers

... under my chin that has persisted since then. The feeling is of being strangled when it's at it's worst. My sleep has been disrupted, as well as my life in general. I had the dermatologist give me an injection to dissolve the Juvederm and this made the sensation worse. I have seen a ...

Hi, I have just had a colonoscopy using Propofol / Lidocaine :?

Posted 26 May 2014 by Peterson24 1 answer

3 days before I had some Botox and Juverderm injections done, everything was good. Once my colonoscopy was done , my left eye is droopy but the right eye is fine. Should I be concerned and what possible is causing this?

I had Juvederm injected in nasal fold and lip lines 5 weeks ago. I seemed to have problems start?

Posted 23 Oct 2016 by Mad4 1 answer

... within days of burning ,,tingling ,pain sensations all in the areas injected. I called my Dr's office 3 times the first week to report my symptoms and should I be concerned. Each time they told me that have never experienced that but to just give it time and not worry. By day 11 I called ...

Is Juvederm approved for use on the forehead?

Posted 21 Sep 2017 by jeninyuma 2 answers

Juvederm used on your forehead? Left with major scarring and scar tissue build up. Is it approved for this area of the face? Looks like its only approved for cheeks and lips?

Juvederm - Was used to enhance my lips. Hate it - how long before my lips start to look like me?

Posted 2 Jul 2014 by Brownie64 1 answer

Just a little to enhance my lips and now swollen but only 24 hours ago. Big regret because I had nice lips. Will it last long?

I am experiencing severely chapped lips after Juvederm injections on lips as well as nasolabial?

Posted 6 May 2015 by RamonaG 1 answer

... folds. Only my lips are chapped, but very badly. My Dr gave me an injection of Cortisone, but it had no effect. Anyone else have this problem?

Juvederm - A little over a week ago I had injections in my lip and the top of upper lip for fullness

Posted 11 Nov 2016 by MsNeaNea 0 answers

... and small wrinkles on top of lip. I developed what I thought was a fever blister on the top lip now it has an area that has a soar like a fever blister when healing. Is this something that needs treatment due to me being concerned about infection. I used rubbing alcohol to dry up fever blisters ...

Does juvederm interact with lamogritine?

Posted 27 Mar 2016 by Suflay 0 answers

Wondering if facial fillers will ineract with juvederm face filler or botox? Sue

Can you lay down after juvederm?

Posted 7 Jul 2016 by Celeca12 0 answers

I recently had Juvederm injections to my frown lines between my eyebrows. My dr called them goal?

Posted 20 Jan 2017 by Cjk862 0 answers

... post or # 11 lines. I had Botox to the area first then one week later the Juvederm to the static lines still there. After the treatment I could still see the grooves of the lines & feel them. The area between the lines was firm & tender. I called my doctor after 4 days & he put a ...

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