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Isolation Questions

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Resistant depression; how long does it take for Abilify to kick in?

Posted 24 Mar 2012 by hope31 6 answers

Hi guys, I am currently on Wellbutrin XR 150 mgs twice a day & celexa 40 mgs. I just started the 25mgs of Lamictal yesterday. However, I wanted to know is Abilify a different class of drug than the ones I listed? Cuz my dr wants 2 start me on a different class, since my depression is resistant! ...

Allergy - Allergic to Bactrim. What about the rest of the Sulfa drugs?

Posted 14 Sep 2015 by Annethewarrior 1 answer

I had a very very rare but serious reaction to the antibiotic Bactrim. I ended up in an isolation room in the hospital for over a week because my white blood cells and in particular the neutrophils went down to zero. I had no immunity to anything and I am recovering at home now but everyone wears a ...

Herpes Simplex - Suppression - Should a patient be in isolation for herpes?

Posted 10 Oct 2016 by Vacation Kathy 1 answer

If person is in a medical facility should they be isolated

Just moved out after breaking up with boyfriend of 3 years, live alone and now have anxiety attacks?

Posted 9 Oct 2016 by searchingforpeace 0 answers

I moved to Australia to be with my Australian husband 9 years ago and we divorced 5 years later.(It was an abusive relationship). I met my ex boyfriend 1 and a half years after that. We broke up and I moved out of the apartment I was sharing with my ex boyfriend 2 months ago. 1 month before moving ...

Escitalopram - How does this help social isolation depression?

Posted 5 Apr 2016 by skwerrlee 1 answer

Living in a small community, experienced all kinds of occupations, 2 colleges and 2 universities, out in the public with people now,, chronologically challenged just dont fit. Shy when it is centred on me but outgoing with anyone else. Uncomfortable about going places by myself. "How come she ...

In hospital for watery green Diarrhea?

Posted 21 Jun 2014 by CallBob 1 answer

4th day in isolation wing and still no diagnosis . All tests... have returned negative .. all of them. GI dr. says they can't find any problem either . What happens if they never do find the problem ? They have me labeled as highly infectious with gowns and masks/gloves necessary to enter my ...

What is the best thing to take for depression, anxiety, isolation, motivation, concentration?

Posted 29 Sep 2013 by ehare 5 answers

I have a lot on my plate dealing with health issues, divorce and financial stress. Emotionally I feel like I just can't take anymore. I go to a free counseling center weekly. They do not administer medication and suggest I ask my primary doctor to change my meds. He has me on lexapro but it ...

Can anyone help out a person with bipolar & PTSD, agoraphobia & reaccuring homelessness & isolation?

Posted 10 Oct 2012 by cm793325 3 answers

I have had bipolar & ptsd for over 18 years and 2 years ago I developed severe anxiety and now I am a shut in. I find it harder everyday to push and break out of this so I can go back to society. I have many obstacles and one of the biggest one is that noise excessive or minor, triggers my ...

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