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How long before I should see Intuniv begin to work on my 9 year old?

Posted 5 Aug 2013 by sheridc 2 answers

We just switched off of Focalin XR 40mg because it stops working mid-day. Which means he has to go to the school nurse to have the short acting Focalin administered. We made the switch to Intuniv 1mg and he took his 1st dose last night. Today he is twitchy, cant sit still, it took 4 hours to do two ...

Abilify - can it be used for adhd?

Posted 22 Jan 2016 by dw_198526757 3 answers

my son is adhd he is 8. he takes 18mg concerrta and 4mg of intuniv . he was on ritilan 15mg but he had the opposite reaction today they put him on aripiprazole 5mg . it scares me bc he had so many changes and his mind is racing . I feel so bad for him . tonight he feel asleep early , but woke up ...

Asking about intuniv does it make you sleepy?

Posted 3 Feb 2011 by Rachel Thomas 4 answers

My son is 6 years old.He has ADHD.He is very aggressive,canky,and can't pay attention in school.We took him to the doctor and they decided to try him on intuniv.Well while he was at school the teacher said all he wanted to do was sleep all day.She said he was very tired and couldn't keep ...

Intuniv - Does this medication cause weight gain or a change in eating habits?

Posted 24 Mar 2011 by SheilaM99 1 answer

My twelve year old son was on Intuniv for the last two months and he gained five pounds. He is not heavy, but not thin either. He has Tourettes, OCD, and ADHD and we are attempting to treat his attention and mood problems which create the most trouble for him. His doctor just prescribed Kapvay and ...

Should I give Intuniv at night - has anyone else successfully given their child Intuniv at night?

Posted 2 Nov 2011 by tlr1978 3 answers

We are just starting my son on Intuniv. We are switching him from Concerta because he has lost so much weight. The doctor said to give it to him before bed. I am just worried that the medication will wear off during the school day. Has anyone had any success giving Intuniv at night?

What effect does sugar have on Concerta & Intunive?

Posted 17 Feb 2013 by whenwilltheylisten 5 answers

My grandson is 11 and he is given Concerta and Intuniv each morning. He is given his meds with breakfast that consists of either toast loaded with jelly falling off the bread, poptarts, donuts, etc. followed by a day filled with candy, cookies and milkshakes. I feel the junk/sugar has an effect on ...

Unsure about intuniv?

Posted 19 Aug 2010 by Love My Son 2 answers

my son has ADD/ADHD, OCD and tic disorder which borderlines on Tourette's syndrome and he has just started taking Intuniv, he has never taken any other medication as his tics were always an issue and many doctors were hesitant to put him on any medication and I am afraid that with taking any ...

Has anyone had problems with Intuniv causing their child to have trouble going to sleep?

Posted 31 Jan 2012 by Amber27 3 answers

My son is 6 and has been on Vyvanse for a year now. He just started Intuniv 1mg a week ago. Ever since he has been unable to go to sleep until 10 or 11pm... usually is asleep by 8pm. I started giving him the Intuniv in the AM's for the first 5 days. There was minimal sleepiness during the ...

Intuniv - has anyone had night terrors with this?

Posted 21 Jul 2012 by mistymaysen 5 answers

my son has just started taking 1 mg on monday in the morring and 2 mg at night. But he just started waking up in his sleep say there are thing on the wall or on the room its like he not awake i called the company and thay told me that this was not been reported before has anyony had this problem.

When would be the best time to take Intuniv?

Posted 2 Aug 2016 by MaraLom 1 answer

Intuniv , my 7yr old son can not stay asleep, any insight into what is causing this?

Posted 9 May 2011 by jbcallahan 3 answers

My 7 year old who is taking Intuniv can not seem to stay asleep! He is up all night coming in my room at all hours telling me he hears foot steps or he hears a popping or cracking noise he has also wakes me up asking if I have watched the weather cause there is going to be a tornado in Arkansa ...

Does intuniv cause drastic weight gain?

Posted 11 Nov 2011 by caringmom 1 answer

My 10yr old daughter has been taking fluoxetine(Prozac) for 11mths for anxiety and slight OCD, and Intuniv for 5mths for her ADHD. She has gained almost 15lbs and hates it. We are weaning her off the Prozac and are down to 5mg from 10mg. Is the intuniv causing the weight gain or the prozac. I hope ...

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