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Ingredients of gabapentin?

Posted 11 May 2016 by TexasDmk 1 answer

I am taking gabapentin and I am wondering what is the origin of it. I found it was discovered by the japenese about 40 years ago. Is it a natural compound or is it synthetic, or a combination? David K

What is the best shampoo for Seborrheic Dermatitis and hair loss?

Posted 1 Aug 2016 by wannabbetter 6 answers

Is a prescription shampoo or an OTC shampoo better? Which ingredient in the shampoo seems to work? Is it better to go to a beauty supply store or a drugstore for an OTC product? The flakes in my hair are not very visible but I do have lots of hair loss & thinning. My thyroid is fine, but I have ...

Is dairy the only cause of acne? Yes?

Posted 28 Feb 2018 by Mattdobb 0 answers

I have had horrible acne since puberty. Face, back shoulders. It only stopped when I quit all dairy products. You have to stop all dairy, milk ingredients even eating something that touched dairy can cause a breakout at first. But after about a year I was able to eat a little bit of dairy. Yes ...

Did jergens just recently change ingredients?

Posted 21 Feb 2018 by Shaheen2 0 answers

Are the benefits of barley grass identified in dry as well as fresh products?

Posted 17 Feb 2018 by barblibrarian 0 answers

If juice from barley grass is freshly obtained and ingested, it must contain a certain level of vitamins and nutrients. If the juice is then dried and added to other ingredients to create tablets, is it as effective? Or possibly even more effective if concentrated? Has research done on barley grass ...

Vaseline - I have purchased chloroxylenol (carbolic acid and many other names) But what is the?

Posted 10 Feb 2018 by SheliQB11 0 answers

... percentage of it in white petroleum jelly? Does anyone know the amounts or how to mix? I have both ingredients.

I'm taking linsinopril for high blood pressure?

Posted 13 Jan 2018 by Lynette Mcintosh 1 answer

Does it have any sulphur ingredients?

Is there a difference in generic Adderall ER and the brand name Adderall?

Posted 15 Aug 2017 by thejudy69 3 answers

I was wondering if anyone knows the answer as to whether or not the generic Adderall ER has the same reaction as well as the same ingredients? I know that there is a difference in generic brands of Adderall ER even though doctors, as well as pharmacists, say that there isn't! Please let me ...

Ok so what is the difference between Nikki and Gianvi? It is the exact same dose?

Posted 14 Jan 2018 by lkb32811 0 answers

Since it is the exact same ingredients and dosage, why are some having different reactions? Not understanding if you are taking the same thing, then why is it bad all of a sudden.

Can anyone tell me the ingredients in paroxetine?

Posted 29 Dec 2017 by Magl94 2 answers

My girlfriend has these prescribed and I feel like she doesn't really need them. I'm just curious as to what exactly is she taking.

Is the gluten contained in ergocalciferol 50000 from animals or plants?

Posted 5 Jan 2018 by Not available 1 answer

hi can you please answer the above question; and another question please when we see gluten in the ingredients of any medicine is it usually animal gluten or plant gluten? thanks a lot

I just took my first 250 mg. Can I still eat pickles? What ingredient am I looking for in my foods?

Posted 29 Dec 2017 by Ojaivalleygirl 1 answer

Also what ingredient in my toiletries am I looking for? Can I wear pure Purfume? What is in soaps and deodorants and lotions?

Does anyone know the difference between tramadol and tramadol ER?

Posted 11 Nov 2017 by Deannamarie88 1 answer

Besides the fact that one is immediate release and the other is extended release. I'm asking about ingredients, maybe. The reason that I am asking is because I don't seem to have side effects from regular tramadol but have been having a lot of problems with the ER form of the medication. ...

What is nevirapine active ingredients?

Posted 21 Dec 2017 by Luis0824 1 answer

I want to know it. I'm studying pharmacy technician and I have an oral presentation tomorrow, but I haven't found the active ingredients of nevirapine. This site has everything. I just need that little detail. Please help me!

Flutox available in Ireland or UK?

Posted 7 Dec 2017 by niamh daly 0 answers

Does anyone know what cough medicine is available in Ireland or UK that is the equivalent to Flutox, which is sold in Spain. It is either called Flutox or that's the main ingredient in it. It is the only one that works for my elderly mother. Thanks Niamh

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