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Indomethacin Questions

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What is Ardosons called in the U.S?

Why is my poop green? What does this mean?

Allopurinol and indomethacin can be taken at the same time?

this question is regarding gout. my husbands foot is starting to have pain and its a litle bit swollen now. i have allopurinol 300mg and indomethacine 75mg can he take bothe of them at the same time? we dont have medical insurance and cant go to the doctor. he was given allopurinol before when his... read more

What will show up on a drug screen if I take predenisone, proden\coch, and indomethacin?

I failed a drug screen for methamphetamine. What could I have taken besides these three medications to have caused this?

Can you take indomethacin,hydrocodone,and diabetic medicine?

My grandmother has diabetes and she takes diabetic medicine like blood pressure pills etc. Recently she was diagnosed with gout and she was prescribed indomethacin and hydrocodone. Can she still take her diabetic meds and the gout meds she was prescribed???

Does Indomethacin actually treat the goutty crystallyine deposits in your joints?

Yes I do use Indomethacin for my gout but my side effect is when I urinate it's a really long and difficult process. Seriously you'd think I was in the bathroom doing #2 how long it would take me. Even after I'm done I'd have to urinate a couple of more times shortly thereafter.... read more

Indomethacin with discard date of 12-10-2010?

Is it safe to take Indomethacin that is past it's expiration or discard date? Or, can it be given to a free clinic to be disbursed there to the needy? Are there any harmful side effects? Thank you

Can I take both Allopurinol 300mg & Indomethacin 25mg at the same time during an acute gout attack?

Or should I suspend taking the Allopurinol(my daily maintenancew drug) when I have an acute attack and begin taking Indomethacin?

What is Indomethacin used for?

what is indomethacin 50 mg. used for?

Will indomethacin pills cause weight gain?

Can u use indomethacin for tooth pain?

Indomethacin - what is the expiration time line for this pill?

I first received this pill in 2009, can I still take it today?

Can you take allopurinol and indomethacin at the same time?

I have been prescribed allopurinol 300mg and just started. It seems like the gout has gotten worse since taking it so I am continuing to take indomethacin. Should I up my dosage of allopurinol? Will taking both medications rid me of gout attacks, or will I continue with issues by taking both meds.... read more

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