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Hyperlipoproteinemia Questions

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Questran - Can you become immune to this medicine?

Posted 3 Jun 2016 by 2501king 0 answers

I used it for the itching, but now it doesn't stop the itching

Heart Disease - I have been taking Niaspan 500 for 4 years. I see that there is over the counter?

Posted 17 Jul 2010 by terryhass 1 answer

... time released or slow released niacin for under $20. the Niaspan is very expensive... What if any is the difference??

Cholestyramine Powder for High Colestrol vs. AZ Rx Stress DeCaf Herbal Tea & other Rx's.?

Posted 15 Aug 2009 by Polebilly13 1 answer

Is it OK to take the Prevalite Powder with the AZ Rx Stress DeCaf Tea that is Herbalized with; Panax Ginseng, Chamomile, Valerian and Vitamins B-6 & B-12? ALSO, I took this Rx back in 1978/79 because of a blocked Bile Duct from the Gaul Blader for 6 to 9 months, as the the itching was beyond ...

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