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Hyperbilirubinemia Questions

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Liver Cirrhosis - I have a 32 yr old family member. He was recently dx with cirrhosis stage 4. He?

Posted 7 Feb 2017 by Ashgirl21 4 answers

... has been a drinker from time to time. But not an alcoholic. I don't feel like enough to have caused this. He has ascities an is jaundice. He is having severe abd pain. Is this normal? The ascities is improving some with fluid pills. Should we push for more testing as autoimmune conditions ...

Can the Mirena cause jaundice?

Posted 10 Jul 2010 by Momma1986 2 answers

Ok so I'm 24 years old with a 6 year old son and a 6 month old daughter..I work 40 plus hours at a private practice as an ultrasound tech. I got my mirena in 4 months ago at my 6 week check up after my daughter was born. Then a month later exactly I got my nose pierced. A couple of weeks after ...

What can cause chronic slight relative monocytosis?

Posted 28 Nov 2015 by chrisbe 1 answer

Hello,i am 17 years old with inflammatory acne,thalassemia trait and gilberts syndrome. My recent blood work showed this, WBC 7 (normal 4-10.4) MON# 0.7 (normal 0.2-1.1) MON% 9.46 (normal 3-9) So,my monocyte percentage values have been around 9-10% since i got acne but my monocyte absolute values ...

Hepatitis C - I really could use any advice and help please I'm scared and idk what my doctor should

Posted 18 Aug 2018 by Rhaggerty32 2 answers

... be doing HELP anyone I don't have any clue what's going on I'm still a tiny of jaundice and need advice

Phenergan - can phenagren cause jaundice and liver probelms?

Posted 9 Jan 2011 by dessie2002 1 answer

i have had liver problems since my gallbladder surfgery. my numbers keep going up and down. i have taken phenagren for the past few days for stomach upset. now i am peeing orange which is a sign of jaundice. i just had my numbers tested,blood test and they were good. can phenagren cause the ...

Diflucan -Can this drug cause a jaundice effect? On the face sort of light brownish?

Posted 18 May 2011 by dumdums 1 answer

I am very pale and white. I have been taking 5 troches a day after discovering from my GI doc after an endoscopy that I have a fungal candida growth in my esophagus. He gave me diflucan and I took that for a month. He also wanted me to see an infectious diseases doc to determine any problems. I ...

Test results say I may have jaundice - what do I do?

Posted 5 Mar 2012 by samprada7893 1 answer

My lower abdomen.on both sides are paining and while urination,i feel a burning sensation in the genital area.i got a urine test done.according to the report there isnt any urine infection but the doc said that there r chances of jaundice.(the pus cells count is 1.2)what do i do?(the patient is a ...

Pulmonary TB?

Posted 14 Sep 2013 by kamala05 1 answer

My father aged 57 was a chain smoker for the past 35 years.He was suffering from Pulmonary TB with E.S.R Count 150 mm/Hr diagnosed on 2/7/2013 , effected with Jaundice and hospitalized they stopped the TB drugs (stopped smoking ) and after treating Jaundice he has been taking TB treatment since ...

I was suffering from jaundice last month but now my billiburin level is 0.98.( must b less Dan 1).bu

Posted 21 Nov 2014 by shifali1989 2 answers

But my sgpt level is still 111( must b under 40).pls let me knew how to control it..

Cirrhosis - May I ask a specialist information? My brother surfaced with stage 4, showing all?

Posted 27 Nov 2014 by Jenmcdan 2 answers

... sx-ascities, jaundice, bleeding "ulcers" and encephalopathy. Given moderate palliative care, can you estimate how long until he dies. Thank you

Who I can withdraw valproic acid after 3 years using for treating epilepsy?

Posted 30 Jan 2013 by A baset 1 answer

a sudden appearance of jaundice , abdominal pain , slight fever and dark urine after 3 years of starting valproate for epilepsy in child 10 years old . is viral hepatitis a possible cause for this, (serological test show negative hepatitis A , but i am not sure for the quality)

Penicillin - my grandfather got black jaundice he is about 75 yrs old he is very weak bcz some days?

Posted 8 Oct 2013 by navjot kaur 1 answer

... before his legs got attack of paralysis $ he cannot walk. is he able to take the injections ? plz. give me urgent answer

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