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Does the weight gain come off after stopping Invega Sustenna?

Posted 24 Jun 2015 by discogeo 1 answer

I was on Invega for 6 months, and have since stopped. My hallucinations were drug induced mainly, and now it seems i can function fine without it. Wondering if the weight gained comes off after stopping Invega, and if so, how long does it take? thanks in advance

How long will the side effects of bentyl last? Agitation, confusion, & hallucinations?

Posted 13 Jan 2016 by Miserable Mark 2 answers

went in about2 days m now inhalusennations confusion iritaion someonouthere my wife willnot here the words i am so hard too ex plane tox screen was 99% clean. Can't decide what to do. Don't know what to do. Hospital gave me drip of bentyl that caused the symptoms 3 bib iv drips belivive ...

I was given Tizanidine HCL 4 mg today this is generic for Zanaflex. I immediately started to have?

Posted 18 Nov 2015 by allergicmeds2015 1 answer

... hallucinations and dosing off to sleep even during walking. Did this happen to anyone else? I was confused and had to turn off my dinner I was cooking ,when I laid down thinking maybe I just need to dose off a bit. I had turned the heat off the stove but had lost a bag of tomatoes. I found them ...

Anybody experiencing hallucinations on prednisone high dosage?

Posted 3 Sep 2012 by RandR 2 answers

have been using prednisone 60mg for last 2 weeks due to mosaic auto immune desease. little bit of lupus, little bit of rheumathoid arthritis, Sjogrens desease etc... the plan is to go down to 20mg prednisone as maintenance dosage

Isotretinoin - Has anyone suffered from depression or hallucination?

Posted 4 Sep 2015 by Jennco131 1 answer

Hi everyone! I love reading your stories because like a lot of you I've pretty much tried EVERYTHING! I'm 26 years old and I feel so self conscious that I feel like I don't want to be seen which is really sad because I have a 15 month old daughter that I wAnt to take everywhere. I am ...

My mother is having extreme pain in lower back near kidneys, both legs are swollen?

Posted 7 Aug 2015 by ozstar 1 answer

my mother is having extreme pain in lower back near kidneys, both legs are swollen, possibly from 2 falls, and is in the ER for the pain, and hallucinations, saying she's seeing mosaic patterns and red when she closes her eyes, what is happening? please help any answers to help me get a grasp ...

Has anyone every had hallucinate from Prozac?

Posted 9 Mar 2015 by busty 2 answers

I've have had hallucination from Prozac. They say you only get them when you over dose on them, which I never did..Any help would be grateful.

How long does it take to recover from Fluoxetine side effects?

Posted 22 Mar 2015 by cyrano84 1 answer

hi! November 2013 i had an episode of both visual and Auditory hallucinations due to a lot of stress and problems at work. i was put on Olanzapine/Sertraline for a few months. then changed to Risperidone/Fluoxetine due to the fact that i have gained a lot of weight plus other side effect. I have ...

Mirapex - I have been on a low dose of pramipexole and am phasing out because of severe?

Posted 18 May 2015 by TOLERROAD1 1 answer

... hallucinations. How can I reverse this hallucination problem??? Was on 0.25 mg 3 times a day. Reduced to 2 times; then 1 time. After today 0 per day. Hallucinations are unbelievable - people in home, stealing everything, witches, husband won't call the police. THIS IS MY WIFE'S ...

Do I need an antidepressant alongside risperidone?

Posted 9 Apr 2015 by cyrano84 1 answer

Hi, i was put on risperidone and fluoxetine for about a year and a half because of hallucinations, lately i droped fluoxetine because of the side effects, during that period(26 day) i was ok but when i last consulted my doctor he wanted to prescribe me another antidepressant alongside risperidone ...

Levonorgestrel - HELP! Vivid dreams night hallucinations?

Posted 10 Aug 2014 by Minini 1 answer

I took the "take action" pill, the generic form of plan b 2 days ago. I took it in the afternoon and that night I was hit with a CRAZY side effect. I had an extreme nightmare about my dad coming in to hit me ( he never has). I opened my eyes gasping for breath screaming and he was STILL ...

What are some of your common visual hallucinations?

Posted 11 Apr 2015 by yotaku 1 answer

I am just curious about what other people who hallucinate see.

How long can the side effect last?

Posted 24 Apr 2015 by cwilcheck 1 answer

hallucination ,memory loss,dizzy ,falling asleep,loss appetite

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