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Griseofulvin Questions


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Griseofulvin - Is this medicine effective after one yr.?

Posted 5 days ago by Em sayles 0 answers

If left by accident then found but it was in cool dry place will it yet work on ones trouble of fungus.?

Griseofulvin - how long does it stay in your system?

Posted 19 Mar 2018 by Demis 0 answers

Just wondering how long the medication stays in your system?

Is there griseofulvin (three times a day) interaction with postworkout protein supplements?

Posted 4 Jan 2018 by Rocky_123 0 answers

Since it is said that griseofulvin affects the liver enzymes. Will it cause any type of damage to liver if i am taking post-workout protein supplements?

What happens if I drink 4 standard drinks while taking griseofulvin?

Posted 7 Aug 2017 by Sharpie1961 1 answer

Will I get nauseous and throw up or what other things to expect

Griseofulvin in 500gm and nexplanon implant of the arm?

Posted 17 Jan 2017 by Jennifer408 1 answer

I am taking the griseofulvin 500 milligrams 2 times a day for 4 weeks I have the nexplanon implant in my arm do I need to take the morning after pill if the condom broke

How long does it take griseofulvin to start working?

Posted 8 Sep 2016 by maera 0 answers

I'm a 34 year old and i have a fungus all over my scalp and i have been taking geiseofulvin going on about 2 week. How long before i see improvement? And can the fungus reappear in the futher?

Long term griseofulvin side effects?

Posted 4 Sep 2016 by FranG 0 answers

... My 7 year old son was on griseofulvin for 2 months. He's been off medication for 6-8 weeks but his stomach is still upset. Is this a long term side effect?

Griseofulvin Micro, can it affect Blood Sugar?

Posted 1 Oct 2015 by gmull2 0 answers

Can this medication affect Blood Sugar. Since beginning my Blood Sugar numbers have been elevated.

Help!! been taking Griseofulvin and no sign of improvement?

Posted 11 Dec 2013 by Lowkey 1 answer

I have been taking Griseofulvin for about 4 weeks now and the ringworm seems to be spreading all?

Should a nine year old child on griseofulvin ultra have liver tests? she is to be on this for at?

Posted 5 Jun 2014 by carolina south 1 answer

... least 6 weeks for ringworm that caused an infection on her scalp

Griseofulvin - I developed rashes and hives with this drug and terribly annoyed with the itching?

Posted 30 Apr 2013 by august8 1 answer

... feeling that brings with it. What is the solution to this? No other obvious serious side effects is experienced except the ones above.

I am diagnosed with hair infection.for about 4 years I am suffering from hair fall?

Posted 31 Oct 2012 by rocky619 2 answers

the dermatologist prescribed me af -150 for 1 month.but it did not show much improvement.then griseofulvin 250mg was prescribed for 2 months. it improved my condition a lot .but after i stopped taking the medicine,the problem i dont know what to do,should i again start taking ...

Griseofulvin - do vets also use this for cats/kittens with ringworm?

Posted 17 May 2010 by aspcat 1 answer

I have a three year old male cat and some foster kittens vet has perscribed griseofulvin tablets 125mg what are the side affects for cats,how long and how much should i use. Vet didn't seem real confident with her own advise.

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